Legends and Lore

An Unexpected Welcome (Episode 43)

Seconds after Altain struck the unsuspecting kobold from behind the swordmage knew he had put himself in a dangerous situation. Thoughts of the huge dragon flying away with him trapped upon the beasts back sent shivers down the seasoned warrior’s spine. There would be no escape then, just the enemy and the vast open sea, both providing little chance for survival. His mind made up Altain suddenly vanished from the dragon’s back, leaving the wounded kobold rider trying to make sense of what had just taken place. A short time later Altain suddenly appeared on the ship’s crows nest, where he continued his attack with his enchanted blade, Moonfire. The battle continued to rage, many of the companions now taking specific aim at the kobold rider in an attempt to drive the powerful dragon away. Then several powerful blasts finally hit their mark, and the kobold rider began to slump forward upon the green dragons back. The huge dragon swooped down for one final assault upon the ship’s deck, before banking to the right and flying off into the distant horizon. But Robyn, standing high above in the crows nest refused to let the little rider escape, and quickly released one final toss of his dagger. The throw proved true and the small kobold yelped in pain and frustration. Then the kobold began reaching for the small blade embedded in his back but to no avail, the enchanted dagger, Trifflik’s Blade, was once again safely in the rogue’s hands.

The companions began tending to their wounds shortly after the unexpected conflict. The next several hours passed peacefully as the sun set and darkness set in. A warm summer breeze blew out of the west as the Raven Queen calmly passed over the dark waters, while Captain Burgoyne and his girlfriend, Jahieda, decided to turn in for the night. But the dwarf, Mongo, was uncomfortable leaving the captain alone, and asked to stand watch outside the captain’s quarters. Robyn, apparently entertained by the surprising offer simply smiled, and with a shake of his head once again took his place in the safe and familiar surroundings of the crows nest high above.

It was late-night when the pilot of the Raven Queen loudly announced that land had been spotted ahead in the full moon-lit night. Below the ship’s deck Mongo’s candle provided just enough illumination for the dwarf’s low-light vision to function. However the dwarf was exhausted, and he soon fell asleep in front of the captain’s door. It was nearing midnight when Mongo was suddenly awakened as something slammed into him! Pain filled the unsuspecting dwarf’s body as he lay prone, while defensively covering his head as he attempted to make out whatever it was that had suddenly attacked him. It was then that he noticed a shadowy figure standing over him, the flickering candle light reflecting in it’s dark eyes. Thoughts of the assassin flooded the dwarf’s mind as he prepared to rise up to meet his enemy. It was then that his heart seemed to flutter and the cold grip of death began to flow through Mongo’s body, as fear enveloped him as never before. Then as quickly as it began darkness overcame him, and Mongo suddenly collapsed unconscious!

Meanwhile, above on the deck of the Raven Queen, those still awake began preparing to dock in the coastal town of Edgewood Hollow. The pilot now needed to speak to Captain Burgoyne, and asked if someone would be so kind as to go retrieve him from his restful sleep below. Altain proved willing and disappeared through the hatch. In the distance the swordmage spotted the dwarf resting near the small flickering candle-light outside the captain’s quarters. But as Altain neared he began to recognize that something was amiss! The dwarf appeared pale, and there was no movement to speak of. Then from the surrounding darkness something slammed Altain across the face nearly knocking the swordmage to the ground. Quickly Altain screamed for help as he wielded around to confront his attacker. It was then that he realized that this was no man, but a creature of shadow – the dreaded bodak! Fin, hearing the desperate scream, dashed across the ship’s deck and descended below. Seeing this commotion from above Robyn leaped from the crows nest, displaying a feat of acrobatics that astonished the Raven Queen’s crew, and landing awkwardly thirty-feet below before spring up and rushing through the ship’s hatch near the bow. Once below the rogue stealthily made his way through the numerous barrels stored in the cargo hold in an attempt to gain the advantage. Fin, seeing the dwarf now lying motionless, moved in quickly, and then fell into prayer calling upon Bahamut to revive his dying companion. It was there in the faint candle lit hull of the Raven Queen that the companions somehow managed to fight off the strange creature of shadow once again. A sense of relief becoming evident on each of the companion’s faces as the mysterious being slowly faded from sight.

Once again the battered group tended to their wounds while discussing recent events. Many spoke of the being of shadow, and openly wondered if this mysterious creature was perhaps their elusive stowaway and assassin? But none could be sure, and slowly the groups attention turned towards the docks of Edgewood Hollow. It was then that the crew began to notice armed town guards standing in formation, and many onboard began wondering what was going on? Upon docking the group sent Altain to see what was up? There on the docks the Eladrin swordmage began negotiating the Raven Queens safe harbor. Apparently the guards were searching for a group of supposed thugs, and murderers, and simply wanted to search the ship for any of the suspected criminals. Then as the boarding party began making their way aboard Altain heard one individual mention something about “choosing someone”, but unfortunately he couldn’t quite make out the whole conversation. Then the captain of the guard gave the orders to be on the lookout for “the Chosen One”! The companions suddenly felt their hair stand on end, and panic began to take hold of their every thought. What should they do now? Although the Raven Queen was fast at full sail, any attempted at an unexpected departure would surely be a slow endeavor, and with little crew remaining to hoist the sails, and a warm breeze blowing inland, there seemed little hope for escape.

Robyn, still perched high above in the crows nest, looked down upon the ship and the surrounding harbor. From there the rogue had a birds-eye view of the group’s surroundings, and it was from there that a bad feeling began to take hold in the half-orc’s gut. Edgewood Hollow was now occupied!



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