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Beyond the Deadwoods (Episode 57)

Mongo’s journal…

Entry 1:
Finally able to get away from this haunted tower. Haven’t been here but for two days, but seems much longer. Restless spirits, you see nothin, but you know they’re there watching your every move from the surrounding darkness. Uncomfortable!

Entry 2:
Outside we quickly moved away from the accursed tower of death, thankful that there seemed to be no more spiders outside, or atleast none we could see. Once again Fin leads the way, as he did during the exiting of the tower. His enchanted blade, Moonbane, seemingly able to fight off the shadowy beings that surround us in the dark just beyond the faint glow of our divine light. Never been so happy to have another’s weapon leading the way!

Entry 3:
While deep in the Deadwoods attempted to contact the angry dryad we had met previously. Returned to same location of last meeting but had little luck. When Robyn spoke a gentle breeze disturbed the leaves on the trees, and some thought it a sign that she might be listening from afar. Take it from a dwarf who knows the woods, I have my doubts.

Entry 4:
Camped in the woods last night. Hoped it would be refreshing under a star filled sky. It was anything but peaceful and refreshing. Once again only Moonbane’s soft glow protected us. Its as if the undead of the woods have come to know the weapon’s reputation to cross into the etheral plane? It’s unheard of to think the blade of a mere sword superior to my beloved axe Skull Cleaver, and I wouldn’t dream of suggesting such nonsense, yet I am mighty pleased to be in the company of such a sword on a night such as this.

Entry 5:
Entered ruins of Kiris Dahn today. The hour grows late as we search for the brass dragon Tyristys. We need to make our way across town towards the hot springs, which is where the beast lairs. Altain hopes to form some sort of alliance with the brass dragon if at all possible.

Entry 6:
Once in goblin neighborhood area seemed deserted until we noted goblins hiding in many of the ruined out buildings. Soon the cause was discovered when Robyn spotted a two headed giant meandering down the street. We took up hiding inside a nearby building when the dumb creature started to argue with itself whether it smelt goblin or human? Quickly Robyn snuck from the building to remove a nearby grate to the sewers. I don’t want to go into that disgusting place, yuck! Then I attempted to join the others in the sewers when the big oaf suddenly notices me crossing the alleyway. The chase was on, but once again my fleet footed dwarven legs led me to safety.

Entry 7:
Attacked by some strange tentacled blob hiding in the sewer waters. Dragged several of us into the putrid waters, but this I know – it won’t make that mistake again. Killing swarms of apparently hungry rats in these disgusting tunnels as well. I aint no meal, and especially no rodent meal.

Entry 8:
Reached the hot springs of Kiris Dahn but no brass dragon in sight. Signs of blood stain the stone, and large dragon scales litter the area. Some of the scales are green, no surprise there. One things for sure Emerald won’t be losin any more scales. What in the nine hells? Altain’s now collecting a number of the green scales, but who knows what for? Sometimes I wonder about that one… We need to find our little friend Spolis, maybe he has some answers to what might have happened. The good news I guess is there’s no sign of the brass dragon’s remains.

Entry 9:
Searching for our small kobold friend Spolis. Finally found the little bugger after some bribing of several other of the little shits, irritating! Altain’s money I guess, so if the dummy wants to give his hard earned coins to a bunch of dogs so be it. They aint gettin any o mine, this I know! Spolis tells us of a green dragon and its kobold rider who arrived several weeks ago. Spolis seems quite enamored with the magnificent creature so we tread carefully when asking questions. Altain then offers Spolis a gift for his help, a green scale from the magnificent beast. Thought he was going to tell the kobold we killed it next, but thankfully the eladrin-elf shows some signs of intelligence and shows restraint, whew!

Entry 10:
We head out toward’s Treona’s tower that very night. Fin uses the sending stones to make contact with Sir Oakley back at the Temple of the East Wind to inform him of a discovery we’ve made. Found a small journal with troop movements of the Queen’s army inside! Armies seemed to originate from the east before funneling through mountain valleys into the northlands. Then began moving south like a destructive wave of evil.

Entry 11:
Nightmare, the black dragon of the Misty Marshes lairs somewhere near the Queen’s Stone we believe, perhaps its time to embed my great axe in yet another draconic skull. After all Skull Cleaver seemed to thoroughly enjoy the last one, I can feel the magnificent weapon’s power growing still.


May 21, 2012 11:05

Mongo’s journal…

Entry 1:

Looks about right. not much going on up in there at times.

Beyond the Deadwoods (Episode 57)

Mmmmmm Twinkies…

Beyond the Deadwoods (Episode 57)

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