Legends and Lore

Death's Tower (part I) - (Episode 54)

Altain Moonfire’s journal…

Entry 1:
Exhausted! Feel as though I may collapse at any moment. Mongo and Fin are also nearing their end, but Robyn has only sustained minor wounds thus far. We need to rest badly but the dead continue to rise all around us. Even the dead trees in these woods are alive! It seems too hard to believe, and I wouldn’t if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. Skeletons made up of shards of bone nearly killed me several miles back, but survived thanks to Fin’s blessings from Bahamut. We must keep moving or these accursed woods will kill us all!

Entry 2:
We are now beginning to search for fallen branches. Hoping to build some sort of lean-to for cover. Maybe we can get some rest then?… The Deadwoods still seem to be alive all around us, or should I say dead all around us, and we must act fast or the undead will once again descend upon us.

Entry 3:
Finally we have managed to rest in our hastily constructed lean-to. Many strange noises filled the night but we luckily remained hidden. Damn dwarf Mongo nearly gave us away more than once though. He’s overconfident and thinks he can take care of anything, and I swear its going to get us killed one of these days!

Entry 4:
We’ve now come to a dark tower deep within the Deadwoods, but something just doesn’t seem right. The trees are covered in thick webbing and none of us like the looks of the situation. Fin continues to mutter about how he hates spiders, and I am sure he’s not the only one.

Entry 5:
Yep just as we thought, the trees were filled with swarms of spiders nearly the size of the palm of my hand, and several others the size of a large dog! I was the first one through the mass of webs and managed to make it inside the tower, a large circular chamber of nearly eighty feet in diameter. The large chamber is filled with columns surrounding the periphery which hold up a ceiling nearly thirty-feet above. At the center of the circular chamber stood a ten foot tall obilisk carved of stone with faitly glowing ruins etched into its four sides. A door to my left quickly caught my attention, so I moved to investigate when I suddenly noticed a blueish glow out of the corner of my eye to the right. Quickly I wielded around and there not twenty feet away hovered a massive eyeball nearly seven feet in diameter! But that wasn’t the half of it, what made it worse was that I could nearly see through the spectral thing. At first I wondered if it was even real, but soon found out when a blue ray of light suddenly shot from one of the many eyestalks upon its head and struck me directly in the chest. Sluggishly I attempted to flee, my mind racing as adrenalin coursed through my veins. Thankfully I made it out alive, and the strange abberation failed to follow. Outside the tower Fin, Mongo, and Robyn continued to slice through the countless spiders flowing through the surrounding trees and down their thick webs. Then a sight appeared that none of us could have expected – a large ghost spider! It’s eight legs spanning nearly ten feet apart, and its large bulbous body nearly five feet around. Thankfully Fin’s sword “Moonbane” seems to possess the ability to slice into these insubstantial spirits with great effectiveness, a pleasant surprise indeed. Finally having fought our way to the front doors of the dark tower I quickly informed the others of what soon awaited us. Mongo in particular seems unwilling to listen. The stubborn dwarf just continues to mutter something about an illusion. Honory bastard, I know what I saw, and that ray was no illusion!


As you may have noted I am switching writing styles for our weekly summaries starting with Episode 54 "Death’s Tower (part I). I am now going to write as though each character is keeping a journal of their travels, and will write each summary from their journal perspective. I will rotate whos journal I write from each week. This week was Altain’s journal, so next week will be one of the other three characters (yet to be decided). I will also take notes of what is said at the gaming table and try to use this to help bring out your characters personality and point of view. Hope you all like the new style!


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