Legends and Lore

Death's Tower (part II) - (Episode 55)

Fin LaVie’s journal…

Entry 1:
We finally made it to the tower, and it was no easy task. Webs filled the dead trees, and clung to the sides of the tower. The area was nearly impassable, and it was a struggle not only to get through the thick webs, but past the countless spiders that call this godforsaken place home. When we finally made it to the doors of the tower Altain seemed a bit unnerved!? He kept talking about a ghostly eyeball that apparently attacked him when he first entered. Mongo seems to think its just an illusion of some sort. Can’t decide if the dwarf is serious, or just trying to annoy the eladrin?

Entry 2:
Inside the tower we discovered a large circular chamber ringed on the outside by thirty-foot pillars. At the center was a ten-foot tall obilisk of stone, strange ruins glowing on its surface. It was some sort of strange language that I didn’t recognize. Figured it was probably magical in nature so hoped Altain would have a clue? Thought at first that Mongo might’ve been right about the whole illusion thing until a seven-foot wide orb suddenly appeared twenty feet above the floor on the far side of the chamber. It definitely looked ghostly, and seemed all too real! A feeling of doom and vulnerability took hold of me when the large eyeball stared in my direction, an unsettling feeling to say the least. Then rays started to shoot from the many eyestalks upon the hideous creatures head. The dark blue ray seemed to drain one’s very life essence, and feels as chilled as a man already in the grave. Others seem to cause a man to suddenly forget himself, and either stand about lost, or attempt to take one’s own life! Our usual tactics seemed useless against this thing since drawing its attention to one individual seemed extensively dangerous. Yet I was still filled with hope since my enchanted blade “Moonbane” seems to strike the insubstantial creatures more solidly than any of the other’s weapons! Altain was nearly its first victim as he suddenly collapsed. Quickly I made my way over before saying a short prayer to Bahamut, and Altain’s wounds suddenly began to heal. I still marvel at the sight of true healing, and I can hardly believe that I am serving as Bahamut’s vessel. By this time many of us were starting to wonder if we’re going to make it out of this one alive? And making matters worse angry spirits seemed to be emanating from the strange obilisk at the center of the chamber, so we finally smashed it to rubble. Yet our situation still seemed to be growing more dire as the floating eyeball continued to wear us down. More than one of us was now beginning wonder if we shouldn’t make for interior door to our left, but Altain couldn’t seem to get the door unlocked. Then Altain was suddenly struck by yet another ray and collapsed again, but Mongo stood nearby and somehow managed to inspire our badly wounded comrade to stand and fight. Finally, after much effort, Robyn struck the spectral eye with a perfect toss of his enchanted dagger “Triflik’s Blade” and it slowly began to dissipate from sight.

Entry 3:
After a thorough search of the area, and a short rest, we finally decided to check the large trap door in the floor of the circular chamber. Altain picked the lock and we carefully began our decent into the darkness. The stairwell was filled with dust and cobwebs, and the temperature rapidly began to drop, while the very essence of evil seemed to permeate the air we now breathed. It was there that we were attack by yet another undead creature, a four armed skeleton apparently guarding what appeared to be some sort of tomb, or crypt. After quickly scattering the bones of the unholy construct, we moved to yet another stairway leading further down into the crypt.

Entry 4:
At this lower level of the crypt we were suddenly attacked by what seemed to be some sort of large skeletal figure nearly twelve feet tall! An unholy glow filled the creature’s eye sockets, and its claws stretched to nearly four feet, appearing more like scythes than the simple claws of any normal creature. It was in this very place that we managed to once again cheat death.

Entry 5:
Discovered a location in the lower crypt that is apparently missing a sarcophagus. Scratches mark the nearby stone floor. Chipped step edges leading down here have us believing that someone has perhaps slid the stone sarcophagus upstairs? Nothing else was discovered before we were suddenly attacked by an angry spirit, but we managed to somehow drive the thing away. My sword “Moonbane” is proving invaluable!

Entry 6:
We have returned to the main floor of the tower to rest for the night, we are exhausted.

Entry 7:
Suddenly awakened by Altain’s painful screams. He had been attacked by yet another angry spirit. Thankfully we once again managed to drive the spirit away. Morning will be upon us soon.

Entry 8:
Altain picked the lock of the nearby door which led to an ascending stairwell. We ran quickly in an attempt to avoid the numerous spectral hands as they reached from the very walls and steps as we passed. Once above, we found ourselves upon an outer balcony surrounding the tower at the height of about thirty feet. Whispers could be heard up ahead, and we soon discovered their orgin, two kobolds guarding a set of double doors. Robyn killed one immediately with a carefully thrown dagger before Altain intimidated the other to acquire information. He quickly reveals that they are searching for some unknown object, unknown to him anyway. Something ancient and of great power!? Apparently Wyrmlord Tillik’s chamber is just beyond these doors, but with who else we can not be sure. We know only that the kobold seems very uneasy about the mysterious individuals mere presence, and when we tell him to flee, he does so with a more than willing attitude. We now prepare to open the doors…



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