Legends and Lore

Infernal Invasion (Episode 51)

While the companions took five short minutes to rest an extensive search of the main floor of the mansion was conducted. In the study several pieces of parchment were discovered. The first seemed destined for the ruins of Kiris Dahn, but had no signature or names attached to the message. Another spoke of the Sea of Sand to the east, and apparent plans to unite with someone, or something, from these far away lands. The final piece of parchment spoke of plans to make contact with someone north of “The Wall”. But exactly what it all meant, who wrote the letters, or who these letters of correspondence were intended for was still a mystery.

Finally after a short break the group finally decided to head upstairs. It didn’t take long before the group found themselves under attack as two arrows suddenly flew out of the darkness before embedding themselves in the wall just behind the companions. Altain didn’t hesitate, as he quickly unsheathed his longsword Moonfire which provided a dim light, and charged ahead to confront two crossbowment hidden around a nearby corner. Then the dwarf Mongo rushed ahead to assist, but soon two more guards appeared from a nearby room. Still the companions appeared to have everything under control as they dispatched three of the four guards quickly. Then a heavily armored individual suddenly appeared from another nearby room, but this was no ordinary soldier. The plate armor seemed to hover above the ground of its own volition, a soft and pale blue light dimly radiating from the finely crafted armor’s numerous seams. Then it lowered to the ground before suddenly swinging its glowing blue blade in Altain’s direction. It quickly became obvious that this suit of armor was no man, but some strange sort of animate most likely devised by some unkown dark power. Then seconds later another individual appeared in the entrance to one of the nearby chambers. The stranger carried a flail in his right hand, and appeared to be a man of significant rank in the Queen’s army. The companions were certain that they had found their man, Captain Valanth. The battle would continue for nearly a minute as steel clashed upon steel, but the heroes now had the advantage in numbers, and soon proved superior.

It was then decided over a short rest that the heroes needed to make their presence known to the general population of Timbervale. They also wanted to make the populace aware of the fact that Captain Valanth had been disposed of, so the group decided to take the captain’s body to the town square for all to see. But upon arriving a small crowd could be seen near some sort of scaffolding. The companions pushed toward the front of the crowd in order to get a better look. It was then that their fears were realized as they witnessed the beheading of a local prisoner. With several others still awaiting their turn there could be no delay, the heroes needed to act quickly. As his companions engaged the Queen’s guard, Robyn decided to hang back amongst the crowd before donning his new hat and taking on the appearance of one of the townfolk. Once again the heroes proved to be an efficient fighting force as they quickly disposed of numerous guards, and both executioners standing upon the wooden scaffolding nearby. The heroes seemed to have things well in hand at that moment when they began to notice a growing panic in the streets nearby. Screams of terror and pain then began to fill the surrounding neighborhood before the group finally spotted what it was that had most likely caused the permeating sense of terror. A creature now stood at the center of the street, and stood approximately twelve-feet tall with a significantly hunched over posture. The creature appeared to be made of bone completely stripped of the flesh. A large oversized head sat upon the infernal creature’s shoulders, and a scorpion-like stinger wielded about at the end of a long bony tail. Mongo moved in to challenge the approaching bone devil, believing he was the most well equipped to handle whatever the disgusting creature might have to offer. The dwarf would soon learn that this infernal enemy was not to be taken lightly, as the creature swiftly raked Mongo with its deadly claws before striking the unsuspecting dwarf with its venemous stinger! Mongo fought back valiantly however, showing an unwillingness to relent. But within seconds Mongo’s flesh was torn apart yet again by the creature’s razor sharp claws, and another strike of the poisonous stinger, it was becoming obvious that the dwarf was fighting for his life. Mongo’s companions moved in to assist, but the bone devil was proving to be more that a worthy advessary for the battle hardened group.

Bone devil

Nearby the remaining prisoners were now working up the nerve to make a run for freedom. The attempt was slow going however as the group of three were shackled together by the wrists and ankles. Then just when it seemed that the group might soon make it out of immediate danger tragedy struck as another infernal creature suddenly appeared from around the corner of a nearby building, and the creature was wrapped in chains. The three prisoners nearly froze upon spotting the man-sized devil. Then with little thought of mercy the unholy creature began menacingly swinging the hooked chains before savagely impaling each of the prisoners. Then tearing the nastily barbed hooks from the poor men’s lifeless bodies.

Chain devil

It was with this renewed sense of urgency that the heroes dug down deep in an attempt to finish off the infernal bone devil before the chain devil could engage the group. The rogue Robyn proved invaluable at that moment when he slowed the chail devil with a series of thrown daggers, and then continued to harrass the enemy from atop the wooden scaffolding. The strategy worked to perfection as the bone devil soon fell, before slowly fading back to its native plane. It was then with renewed focus that the heroes converged on the one remaining chain devil. Soon that infernal creature also fell, and it too returned to its native plane.

Finally free of conflict the companions began to study the surrounding streets. It was becoming apparent that the Queen’s forces had been significantly thinned, and dwarven combatants could be seen in the distance cleaning out many of the remaining enemy forces. But bodies also littered the streets, and now blood ran freely over the cities cobblestone surface. Queen’s soldiers lay amongst the crimson streets with a smattering of dwarven bodies appearing here and there. The heroes unwilling to leave many of the dwarven counterparts to die quickly began to scour the streets for any possible survivors, before relocating a small number of the more fortunate individuals to a nearby warehouse where first aid could be administered. It was during this time that Fin LaVie began dealing with a struggle from within. With so many wounded the Paladin of Bahamut was well aware of his limitations concerning the power of healing prayer, and although his skills of first aid were proving invaluable, it obviously bothered him that he was powerless to help so many in need. After all Fin was suppose to be the Chosen One, but even that lofty title seemed too little in this time of desperate need.

After patching up as many of the wounded as they could the heroes once again headed out into the violent streets of Timbervale. The mangled bodies of civilians now littered the streets in the immediate area around the town square. It seemed obvious to the companions that someone nearby was most likely responsible for the sudden appearance of the infernal invasion that was now creating havoc and carnage in the surrounding city streets. There had to be a summoning circle, or a portal, somewhere nearby since the infernal forces seemed more concentrated near the cities center, but where? Quickly the group surveyed the surrounding streets hoping to find some sort or clue. Then after nearly thirty minutes of desperate searching one building caught their attention. A large stone structure with a vaulted dome ceiling, a truly magnificent piece of architectural design. It appeared to be some sort of library. But those details were not enough to warrant any undue attention, instead it was the massive wooden front doors to the building that caught the group’s attention – they had been shattered and blown from their hinges!



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