Legends and Lore

"Moonfire" (Episode 24)

After leaving Hommlet the heroes headed south as quickly as possible in order to avoid detection. It was during these early morning hours under the moon-light that the group heard the flapping of wings from above the trees, and then everything suddenly fell silent. The group froze in place as an undescribable fear gripped the group. Not wanting to draw the attention of whatever it might be, the group listened for any signs of trouble. But it wasn’t a noise that grabbed the groups attention, but the massive shadow that glided over the group, as the moon-light was suddenly eclipsed by a massive winged beast above the treeline. Unfortunately the companions were unable to clearly identify the winged beast however, as it appeared no more than a dark silhouette outlined in the moon-light above the trees.

The remainder of the day was relatively uneventful, and the group finally set camp in a grove of nearby trees.

The group continued south the following morning. It was on this second day of travel that the group was suddenly attacked by a large, white ape-like creature with four arms that leaped from the trees, and landed amongst the companions. Initially the four-armed ape inflicted several significant wounds upon the group with its sharp claws, but things quickly turned as the heroes banded together, and quickly disposed of the beast before more harm could be done.

Later that day the group finally spotted the Feywood Forest in the distance. Carefully they entered the woods unsure what to expect, but the forest appeared no different than any other. They pressed onward deeper into the woodlands as the sun began to set over the horizon. Finally at dusk the group decided to set camp yet again. They were now two days into their journey south, but none were really sure of what they were looking for. All they knew was that three sisters known as the Oracles of the Feywood Forest were somewhere, anywhere, in these woods. As each drifted off to sleep that night they were left wondering exactly who, or what, these three sister were exactly? Their imaginations did the rest, as throughout the night each of the companions dreams seemed to be filled with the varying possibilities.

The third day of travel brought the companions into the thickest region of the Feywood Forest, and the feeling that the group was often being watched. Yet never was there evidence found to explain the uneasy feeling, so the group continued to press onward until dusk once again began to fall across the snow covered woodland. It was on this third night that the group noticed the yellowish-orange flickering of light in the distant woods. It appeared to be a campfire, but just who’s none could be certain? The companions could only hope that whoever it was hadn’t discovered them first.

Fin wasted little time, as he began moving in the direction of the flickering lights. Quickly Altain followed. This gave the rogue, Robyn Graives, little time to react, but the fleet footed half-orc somehow managed to work his way ahead of the group. Knowing that his companion weren’t far behind Robyn knew he needed to act quickly. Soon he spotted a large canvas tent with campfires burning around its perimeter. Then he noted two individuals talking near one of the tent’s entrances. One wore a dark green cloak with his cowl pulled up over his head and face, the other was a dragon-man with wings much like the other dragonmen the group had encountered in the Misty Marshes last fall. Perhaps worried that the group would soon give away the element of surprise, the rogue prepared to strike first. Carefully he aimed his enchanted silver dagger known as Triflik’s Blade. His aim was perfect as he struck the draconian, dropping him dead in his tracks, but the cloaked individual quickly disappeared inside the tent to sound the alarm.

Surprised at Robyn’s sudden attack, the companions raced ahead to see exactly what the commotion was all about. The sight was a shocking one, as draconians filtered out from three visible exits of the large tent structure, while others came running from the backside of the huge forty-foot by forty-foot tent. It was as though Robyn had disturbed a beehive!

It was during this initial strike that many of the companions picked up on the sound of leathery wings flapping from somewhere up above. Fin’s sword pommel then suddenly began to warm, and the blade began to release an ever so slight humming vibration. Then the all too familiar silhouett eclipsed the moonlight above the treeline, before disappearing mysteriously to the west. It seemed like an ill-omen for them all, but there was little time to worry now that the beehive had been disturbed.

As the battle was engaged the group suddenly came under fire from an unexpected direction, as draconian scouts in the surrounding trees began to rain poisoned arrows down upon the companions. Then as the battle wore on, a large blue rhino-like beast was released from behind the tent upon the hapless group. Lightening coursed along the stormlizard’s horn as it charged headlong into the fray. Once again the companions had visions of the past fall season, and the nearly deadly encounter with a beast such as this. But things continued to get worse, as a robed draconian soon exited the tent with two armed draconian guards. It was the last thing the heroes expected to see, just when things seemed they couldn’t get worse, a draconian spellcaster! Soon explosions of fire filled the northern side of the encampment as the spellcaster chanted his deadly words. Then Fin suddenly began to act strangely, as he disengaged the enemy and then suddenly attacked his companions! Each of his companions knew that the evil sorcerer most likely had something to do with the strange behavior, and quickly began to plot how to take him out.

Meanwhile, the group was making quick work of the small armies regulars. But as the enemies numbers began to diminish higher ranking draconians began to engage the heroes, slowing down their progress. It was then that Fin spotted a four-foot tall green humanoid figure standing amongst the trees west of the camp. The short dog-like creature could be seen holding what appeared to be a staff, or spear, in the faint moonlight, and wore what appeared to be some sort of small dragon skull upon its head. Several in the group charged in the general direction hoping to catch the small creature, but hidden in the trees nearby was a sight that turned everyones blood cold with fear – a massive green dragon! Shocked and terrified many were unsure of their next move, well aware of the fact that a wrong move could be their last. Recognizing the surprise upon the companion’s faces the small dog-like creature’s cheek bones rose ever so slightly, revealing what might have been a knowing smirk. Then the huge dragon began to inhale deeply before releasing its poisonous breath amongst the heroes. Many began to choke, unable to breath as their lungs filled with the toxic gas. Struggling to remain conscious many stumbled from the noxious fumes in an attempt to gather themselves, while others continued fighting the fumes as well as the enemy. Then things took another turn for the worse when two of the kapak draconians fell, but instead of turning to the familiar stone statues the group expected they instead burst, spraying acid all around before pooling where each creature last stood. As fate would have it Fin and Robyn found themselves last standing at that exact location. One second proud of their hard fought victory over the reptilian creature, and then the next second unconscious and lying in a pool of acid! Quickly Mongo pulled the paladin, Fin LaVie, from the sizzling pool before looking up hopelessly at the rogue and expecting the worst. But amazingly Robyn began to pull himself up with hands dripping of melted flesh, and began to stagger from the vile pool! It was what many would consider nothing short of a miracle, and a much needed one during those desperate moments.

Meanwhile, as the companions fought on, while others tended the most badly injured, the small green kobold disappeared back into the forest. A strong wind then buffeted the trees as the huge green dragon began hovering above the nearby tree tops with the small rider upon his back, and then flew overhead releasing another cloud of poison on the struggling heroes below before vanishing to the east. Yet the companions continued to put forth a valient effort. Finally the draconian sorcerer fell, along with the large blue stormlizard, and the group made a run for the interior of the tent. Luckily they made it just in time, as the dragon could be heard once again straffing the area, before once again disappearing into the distance.

Inside the large tent an excavation site was discovered. The snow and ice had been removed in some way to expose the earth floor beneath the tent, and a small stairway near the east entrance led to the dig site nearly five-feet below the surface. It was at the center of this dig that a beautifully crafted stone sarcophagus lay with about a foot of it’s upper surface protruding from the soil. Wedges were now in place around the lip of the lid, and it appeared that the draconian army was close to revealing what was inside. But as the companions moved in for a better view something else caught Altain Moonfire’s eye. Inscriptions along the top ledge were prayers to Corellon. Not only was this an ancient god the eladrin once worshipped, but the name Arthuuse Moonfire also appeared on the front side. The date of passing was clearly legible, and was dated 15 years earlier. Anxious to confirm his hopes and fears Altain gave the group permission to open the heavy stone lid. Inside the group discovered an old tome upon the corpses chest, and an elegant blade resting with its pommel under the unmoving hands of the deceased. Carefully Altain removed the elegantly crafted sword. Upon touching the blade it began to glow with the soft-white light of the moon. The curves of the blade were an unmistakeable clue to the blades craftmanship by the long lost culture of the eladrin people. But it was the tome that provided what Altain had craved the most, an answer of what had become of his long lost father. It confirmed what the eladrin had feared, this was in fact his fathers grave. He had passed fifteen long years ago in a battle against a dragon known as Emerald. It was on this very battle ground that his father had been laid to rest. His bravery agaist the draconic beast had become legend, but in the end Arthuuse Moonfire was no match against a creature so powerful as a dragon. But there were many questions left unanswered by this text as well, where were the people of the Feywood Forest who had buried him? How big was the battle, or was it simply Arthuuse and Emerald? If so why hadn’t anyone come to his fathers aid? Unfortunately there were no answers however, just more questions.



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