Legends and Lore

Nightmare for Two (Episode 15)

As the three companions continued their trek towards the Queen’s Stone their plan began to take shape. They believed that they were most likely ahead of the lizardfolk tribe, and hoped to catch a smaller group guarding their companions before the sacrificial ceremony.

It was during this planning phase that two tents were spotted in the distant fog. Further inspection would reveal that it was in fact a guard garrison made up of five draconians. They were watching the perimeter of the ceremonial grounds that were to be used later that night. The three companions (Fin, Wolven, and Robyn) quickly disposed of these enemies before pressing onward towards the Queen’s Stone, but not before removing any sign that the camp had ever existed – in the hopes of avoiding notice.

Less than a mile from the Queen’s Stone the three companions spotted a small caravan heading east, the opposite direction of the trio. But it was the wagon that grabbed the groups interest, along with the large blue rhino-like beast of burden that pulled it. Silently they moved around the backside of the caravan, now noting that it contained six heavily cloaked figures. Then made a move toward the back of the wagon were two of the green cloaked individuals took up guard. Quickly they ambushed these two unsuspecting draconians before moving up to confront the final four heavily cloaked guards. The plan seemed to be working to perfection when the three companions took control of the wagon and eliminated several more of the forward guards. However things quickly took a turn for the worse when the large blue rhino-like creature suddenly went out of control. Fin attempted to take the reins to control the beast, but it soon proved impossible. Robyn even made a futile attempt to ride the large creature, but was thrown violently back into the swamp waters. Lighning had now begun to course over the rhino-like horn upon the creature’s snout, as the wagon was violently thrown from side to side – then the harness finally tore free! Now unleashed, the beast turned its anger towards the convoy’s attackers. The smell of burning ozone began to fill the air as the beast charged Wolven. With nowhere to run Wolven could only brace himself before being struck by a force greater than anything he had ever experienced. Lighning coursed through his body as the creature’s horn tore painfully into his flesh. His body flew back before landing helplessly in the cold and dark waters of the swamp – where his body lay motionless as the battle continued. Robyn was the creatures next victim as he too was nearly knocked unconscious before managing to take cover. He remained hidden there for the duration of the battle as he fought to remain conscious. Meanwhile Fin had wisely taken to hiding inside the wagon while the beast continued its rampage through the swamp. Then as quickly as it all began everything suddenly fell silent. Fin carefully looked out from the canvas covered wagon. Thankfully the large blue-beast had begun walking away from the scene, apparently unable to locate any of it’s recent attackers.

This nearly deadly skirmish left the group battered and bruised and a rest was badly needed. After tending their wound the wagon was more closely inspected. Inside barrels of weapons were discovered along with two locked chests. After finally opening these with Robyn’s nimble fingers the group discovered silver and copper coins aplenty. Amongst the numerous barrels of weapons they also spotted several familiar looking items. Weapons belonging to their missing companions Mongo and Altain.

Finally as the day pressed onward the trio finally made their way to the Queen’s Stone. Just as they had speculated there seemed to only be a small force present at the time. But drums could be heard beating off in the distant east – announcing the “soon to be” arrival of what was sure to be an army of lizardmen.

The group decided to carefully skirt the perimeter fo the area to make an attack on the backside of the dozen or so lizardmen. Their captured companions were nowhere in sight, but Fin speculated that they might be hidden somewhere behind one of the numerous partial walls that filled the ruins. Using several large rock formations for cover the group sprung their surprise attack in brutal fashion as the eliminated the lizardfolk mystic before they knew what had hit them. It was then that the group spotted their two companions tied up and chained in shackles behind a wall within the ruins. Quickly the battle grew out of control as lizardmen guards flooded the area. Soon Wolven and Fin both fell unconscious in the bloody exchange. Seeing this Altain decided it was time to take action. Wolven had thrown Altain’s sword nearby but the swordmage had been unable to move to take possession of the weapon, but the situation was now desperate and Altain began to concentrate – suddenly vanishing only to reappear only a short distance away! Unfortunately he still wore shackles around his hands and ankles, but he still hoped to help his companions any way possible. Then Mongo finally broke free of his bonds as well, while Altain managed to free himself from his shackles. The battle continued to rage on as one after another of the enemy continued to fall. But the drums in the distance were now closing fast as the last of the enemy finally fell, but it was nearly too late. As the lizardmen armies approached the shoreline next to the Queen’s Stone it was obvious something was amiss, as bodies lay strewn about the ruins and an eerie silence filled the air.

Meanwhile… The companions moved quickly to attend to Fin, but the scene they discovered was a grisly one. Fin lay motionless in a large pool of blood, perhaps his own or perhaps not, and his body appeared lifeless. His right arm lay twisted and mangled at his side, and a large head wound could be seen where his skull had apparently been crushed by a blunt weapon. Sickened but with little time remaining the group picked up Wolven’s body, leaving Fin’s behind, and fled to the west.

As they headed west they could hear the lizardfolk army swarming over the ruins of the Queen’s Stone. Chaos filled their strange draconic tongue, as many could be heard once again entering the murky waters to hunt their now escaping prey. The hunt was on…



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