Legends and Lore

Retaking the Northlands (Episode 59)

Fin LaVie’s journal…

Entry 1:
After creating a wooden sled from the local trees we finish preparing for our journey to the Queen’s Stone. Hope the make-shift sled is strong enough to carry the massive head of the black dragon to the Queen’s Stone. We are one day out and plan to make it there before nightfall tomorrow.

Entry 2:
Once again it was cold and misty throughout our days travel. Arrived at Queen’s Stone as dusk approached, or so we believed, as we haven’t seen the sun in what seems like forever. Instead every day seems to be filled with varying shades of gray, its depressing.

Entry 3:
As creepy as the Queen’s Stone location is, it’s surprisingly tranquil as darkness begins to set in. Carefully placed Nightmare’s head upon the stone column for all to see. Hope this has some sort of debilitating affect on the local morale. The evil that permeates this area must be dispersed, and the word of Bahamut’s return will soon spread for all to know. For this I am sure, for I have carved a message into the stone making it so.

Entry 4:
After Altain suggested we camp near the Queen’s Stone, we finally agreed to set camp for the night. Still no sign of activity as we awaken the next morning. The silence of this evil place seems to create an even more eerie feel if at all possible. Before departing I made contact with the East Wind and Sir Oakley using our sending stone. He informs me that scouts have been sent out in all four cardinal directions. Dwarves now scout the base of the Northern Wall, but have not reported back. Scouts headed east have discovered large abandoned encampment, but no sign of any armies. While the west is reported to be clear of any activity thus far. Large plumes of smoke have been spotted to the south, but no other contact has been made recently with those scouts. I also inform Sir Oakley of our victory over the Black Dragon Nightmare, bringing our total to two chromatic dragons defeated. Yet we still race against time to prevent the prophecy from coming to fruition.

Entry 5:
Once we departed the Queen’s Stone travel seemed to slow to a crawl. We are soaked and cold, and misery seems to follow us on a daily basis.

Entry 6:
The last seven day were filled with misery, and I had little motivation to write, my thoughts little more than negative baggage trying to way me down. After a ten day we’ve finally escaped the miserable grasp of the Misty Marshes. The plains now stretch before us and we can finally take comfort in some dry clothes. Two day trek to New Haven where we suspect to find an occupying force.

Entry 7:
Nearly a mile away from New Haven we spot what appears to be a thirty foot tall siege tower near the city gates, its roof designed to resemble a dragon’s head. But its the grisly scene directly before us that steals our attention – a bloody battlefield! Bodies lay about here and there, with some sort of creature, or construct, standing nearly twelve feet tall, cleaning up what remains of the fallen. The creature’s armor is covered in metal plates with spikes jutting in every direction. But more disturbing was how the creature appeared to be cleaning up as countless skulls and body parts were impaled upon its spiked armor! Not to mention one unfortunate individual impaled upon the grisly creatures back.

Entry 8:
We attacked and defeated the strange construct, and now sit down to rest as horns sounds from the distant walls of New Haven. It appears as though they are preparing to meet us on this field of battle, but Mongo cares not as he seems determined to await their arrival.

Entry 9:
A large liondrake descended upon us nearly seven minutes later with a mysterious rider upon his back, but after swooping down upon us we managed to quickly chase the strange beast from the field of battle.

Entry 10:
Darkness has now descended upon the land, and guards are on high alert outside the city’s walls. We need to find a way inside without being discovered, so we’re going to look for a weak spot in the enemy patrols.

Entry 11:
Finally scaled east wall and taken refuge in dark alley behind some houses at the wall’s base. Patrols pass by on a regular basis, and the patrols are noticably large. It is evident that the city is on high alert. The streets are deserted, and its obvious that the citizens are fearful.

Entry 12:
Robyn has used his hat of disguise to take the identity of a dragonborn guard but was unable to discern any valuable information. No guards seem to be willing to reveal where High Wyrmlord Azarak has taken up residence. Perhaps they too are unaware of his where abouts?

Event 13:
We decided to locate the manor estate in the hopes of getting lucky. After skirting the interior wall, and trying to remain in the shadows as best we could, we finally arrive on the western side of the city. It is there that we discover the manor estate under tight security. The locations seems to be crawling with dragonborn guards, and there seems little chance of gaining entrance. I must sit down and think…



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