Legends and Lore

Siege! (Episode 47)

GraydragonAs the fear of failure and possible death hovered over the mountainous battlefield the companions continued their assault on the Fang Dragon. Robyn was now cornered, and seemed incapable of escaping his dire situation, yet he still somehow managed to stand tall. Fin seeing his friend in need continued to ask for Bahamut’s good grace, and time and again his prayers were answered. Still Robyn found himself near death’s door however, as acidic ooze continued to cling to everything in sight. But even more disasterous was the dragon’s apparent endless ability to spout this caustic substance at will! Finally it became too much, and Robyn collapsed. The rogue’s flesh beginning to drip from his skeletal arms. The paladin Fin once again realized Robyn’s dire situation, and invoked one of his last remaining prayers to revive his companion and heal his hideous wounds. But what happened next was shocking, as the prayer was followed by some unseen force that threw the large dragon back twenty feet! It was the break the group needed, as the rogue finally broke away from the melee, while the remaining companions descended upon the winged beast. The Fang dragon was beginning to wear down under the constant assault before it finally took flight and began its arial assault on the group. It was during this time that the dragon made several passes at the group, but it was becoming evident that the heroes had little ability to fight back. It was under these desperate circumstances that Mongo decided to climb a nearby rock formation, and then lunged at the dragon as it passed. The axe blade of “Skull Cleaver” had found its mark, digging deeply into the dragon’s strong scales, and severely wounding the dragon! Then it was over as suddenly as it had begun, as the dragon banked to the west and disappeared into the distant rocky horizon.

Robyn had been badly injured, and the paladin Fin LaVie’s powers had been significantly weakened. The group was in dire need of rest. The group decided to take a short rest to recover while they inspected the dwarven outpost. Nothing of value was discovered with the exception of footprints leading from the rear of the stone structure which lead further up the mountain. None could be sure of why these individuals had apparently fled, but the group was thankful they had.

Following the short rest the group continued its journey through the Ironwall Mountains. It had been decided that the group would at least scope out the enemy positions before calling it a night. The heroes were in desperate need of rest, but also realized that time was of the essence. It would do them no good to arrive at Hammerfast a day late, for if the siege had already begun, or worse yet already taken place, the dwarves would be unable to help liberate Timbervale. It was this simple equation that pushed the exhausted group forward.

Nearly two hours later that night the group spotted several large silhouettes up ahead. They immediately stopped, allowing their eyes to adjust to their surroundings. Then Altain quietly confided in the others that they appeared to be some sort of siege engines! Robyn decided to scout ahead hoping to learn more. Soon he returned to inform the others that there appeared to be two guards near each of the two trebuchet, and another large form sleeping nearby. Each knew what was needed – sabotage. A large army encampment could be seen in the distance, perhaps one hundred yards ahead, with countless fires now burning low. Immediately the heroes began to form a plan in the dead of the night, fully knowing that the disarming of these two huge weapons could in fact severely hamper the army’s assault of Hammerfast in the upcoming days ahead.

As the plan formed the group finally agreed to rest for the night. The heroes agreed that an attempt to disable the trebuchet would most likely be a very dangerous proposition, and if caught in the act a major battle might prove to be the end for them all. The group just needed to be sure they awoke before the break of dawn, or it would be too late.

During the predawn hour the companions finally awoke. A palatable tension hung heavy in the air as each of the companions packed up and prepared to move out. Altain knowing that this moment was of particular importance asked the group to huddle around before quietly delivering a stirring speech in which he stressed the importance of this one moment, and its possible impact toward the spreading evil over much of the northlands. Then he chanted a few final words in a strange tongue that none could fully understand. Slowly each companion’s blade began to glow a hot red-orange before slowly fading, but a noticable heat still remained. It was then that Altain told each of the companions that their cold, hard steel was now blessed with an enchanted flame. It was time to move out…



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