Legends and Lore

Sleet (Episode 70)

Robyn’s journal…

Entry 1:
The battle with the beholder has required each of us to settle in for a rest. Bodies encased in ice can be seen in various chambers surrounding us. We’ve decided that we should free the poor souls in order to give them a proper burial. One of the entombed bodies appears to wear what looks to be a frost wolf pelt. Altain says that it radiates some sort of magical aura. Nothing else seems of interest. Mongo and Altain both seem interested in the frost wolf pelt and are currently negotiating some sort of agreement.

Entry 2:
Altain has now donned the frost wolf pelt and we are now heading northward across the frozen tundra. Once again the winds have begun to howl across this barren land biting deep into our unprotected flesh. The northlands seem to be filled with nothing but misery.

Entry 3:
Encountered a huge wolf during the heavy snowfall late in the day. Killed it quickly in the hopes it wouldn’t have an opportunity to alert any frost giant scouts that may be in the area. But the canine’s cries as it neared death may have given us away. We buried the body as quickly as possible and now must pray it isn’t discovered anytime soon. Perhaps the intense cold will be to our advantage for a change.

Entry 4:
Wasn’t long after killing the huge wolf that three mammoths appeared with mounted scouts less than fifty yards away. Two huge wolves could be seen leading the way, apparently searching for our scent. Four massive blue-skinned giants brought up the rear. We took up hiding behind several large drifts hoping to avoid detection. Looked to be a search party, and we chose to remain hidden, wanting no part of such a large band of giants. Thankfully they passed into the snowy weather beyond, and we quickly made haste in the opposite direction.

Entry 5:
Trees have now disappeared entirely, and we are surrounded by a vast stretch of flat land. After nearly a half hour of travel Altain decided to dig below the snows surface – ICE! Little did we know a frozen lake sat just below our feet! It’s the clue I’ve been looking for during the past several days, and we now dare hope that the lair of the White Dragon lies somewhere near.

Entry 6:
Walked nearly twenty more minutes across the ice when a faint cracking sound was detected beneath our collective weight. Nervously we slowly spread out in the hopes of distributing our weight over a greater distance. We can only hope this relieves some of the stress.

Entry 7:
Near disaster! Mongo suddenly vanished while walking about thirty feet ahead of me, the ice below his feet apparently giving away suddenly!! Then just as sudden Fin vanished from view just over eighty feet away on my right flank!!! Quickly I wielded around, only to find Altain nearly swallowed by a huge gaping hole directly in front of him. Thank the gods he somehow managed to avoid the sudden surprise and leapt back at the last second. After we had both collected ourselves we cautiously approached the huge hole in the ice, only to discover that there was no water, just a deep darkness? It was then that we recalled an incline in the terrain we had passed over a short ways back, an obvious end to what was the frozen lake, and one we had failed to note. Altain then decided it would be best if we joined our two ropes to lower one of us down. Then Altain grabbed hold and began his decline to whatever might lay below. Unfortunately he soon lost his grip however, and fell awkwardly to the snow packed ground far below. Then I attempted to descend as well using my acrobatic skills, but the fall was well over a hundred feet. I am lucky to be alive!

Entry 8:
Once inside the cave system, and over one hundred twenty feet below the hole in the ice from which we entered, we began searching for our two missing companions. Thankfully both Altain and I possessed the ability to see in the darkness, but it was what we saw that suddenly ran our blood cold. Just past a large ice column the sound of leathery wings could be heard unfurling, and then shortly after we both spotted the massive wingspan of the great white beast. An astounding fifty feet from one wing tip to the other! Yet we were still unable to see the body of the beast which was still hidden behind the large ice column. Then a raspy whisper suddenly filled the chamber, the dragon had somehow sensed our presence!? Carefully, and without a response, both of us carefully made our way behind the pillar of ice to sneak a peek at the magnificent beast. The view did not disappoint as the dragon’s snow white scales glittered like newly fallen snow with shadows of icy-blue filling the deep recesses between each stunning scale. But our awe soon turned to shock as we began to make out the silhouette of our Paladin of Bahamut, Fin, unconscious and pinned beneath one of the dragon’s razor sharp claws! It was at this moment that Altain realized that the dragon had spotted him, and he prepared for a sudden attack. Recognizing this I released my dagger “Triflik’s Blade” striking the beast. The dragon quickly roared in anger before digging his claw deeper into Fin’s chest. Blood spurted from the unconscious paladin’s mouth and ran down the sides of his chest and began pooling on the ice and snow covered floor staining it a deep red. It was obvious that Fin was near death already and neither of us dared risk yet another attack. It was during these tense moments that I began to wonder where the dwarf Mongo might be? But there was little time to contemplate as Fin was in desperate need of our immediate help. Altain realizing the severity of the situation finally revealed himself moments later, resulting in a sneering show of deadly teeth from the huge white dragon known by local legend as Sleet. Immediately I tensed, worrying that the eladrin might not be up to the task, but Altain seemed to create an immediate repore with Sleet. Or perhaps the dragon was merely seeking some sort of simple amusement before killing both Altain and Fin? None the less it had bought us precious time to think. Then something shocking took place, Fin suddenly regained consciousness! Then he vanished from sight, only to reappear a short distance away. We waited no longer. The epic struggle for survival had begun.

Entry 9:
The battle was unlike any I had ever fought before, and thankfully the massive white dragon never did spot my striking position throughout the battle, but what I witnessed I shall never forget. Altain and Fin nearly ripped apart countless times while our dwarven friend Mongo was still nowhere to be found. Then the dwarf finally appearing in the cavern entrance nearly a minute into the conflict. My three brave companions then falling unconscious at various times, laying on the icy cavern floor their lifeblood escaping from their badly wounded bodies with each passing second. My inability to help, and their refusal to die. Somehow fighting off death and regaining consciousness time and again. Then during one terrifying moment all three of my companions fell to the ground unconscious, nearly dead. Then when I thought that this must surely be the end, noticing Mongo suddenly move. The dwarf was somehow still alive! Blood now stained the entire icy cavern floor, mine being the only one not to have left it’s crimson mark. Then with the balance still in great doubt I carefully aimed one final shot of my dagger at the white dragon’s throat, and by the grace of the gods it struck true felling the massive beast! Quickly I scrambled from my safehaven still unscratched in an attempt to stabilize Fin and Altain. Mongo was already at the scene however, and it was then that I realized that the dwarf had somehow cheated death, his body literally drenched with the blood.

Entry 10:
We are now all conscious, and all though severely tested we have somehow achieved a great victory. When strong enough we each made our way over to Sleet’s fallen form before slicing a great gash across the magnificent beast’s chest. Then we quenched our weapons once again in the dragon’s life blood, and once again the hilts of our weapons began to hum quietly as the blood flowed over our hands. It was the familiar sensation we had all been waiting for, our weapons gaining further enchantments. Altain and Mongo then began to speak of the dragon’s hoard!? But it wasn’t until I began to walk about the dragon’s dead body that I started to notice a mountain of coins underneath the ice! Quickly we began to scour the area in an attempt to see what else might lay beneath us. It was then that we began to see golden statues and vases of great value mixed amongst the coins. But it was the cloaks and armor that truly garnered our undivided attention, and without a word the excavation began… It’s good to be alive!



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