Legends and Lore

Stonefang's Rise (Episode 21)

Upon returning to Stonefang’s Pass the companions made their way towards the Pit of Doom as quickly as possible. Once they arrived the sound of stone scraping against stone could be heard, as a gust of hot air rushed through the tunnels as if something just exhaled. Then near the center of the shrine a rocky hand could be seen grasping the lip of the pit. The magic circles around the pit pulsed with light and sparks as the earth titan began to climb upwards!

As Stonefang emerged it became obvious that one of his arms ended in a jagged, broken wrist, but a ghostly hand extended from the stump. The titan was also missing one eye, but an orb of fire replaced it. Additionally, a deep hole was noticeable in Stonefang’s chest, but a heart of red smoke could be seen beating eerily behind a shimmering rib that filled the horrid gash.

Seeing the companions entering the chamber Gwandar and his companions quickly began to act. Gwendar moved towards the purple circle with the stone hand in his possession. Then he placed it at the center of the enchanted circle, and uttered the simple phrase: “Stonefang, I bind you to the Pit of Doom!” The circle began to emit a high-pitched keen, and Stonefang’s ghostly hand began to fade, leaving a stump. Stonefang roared angrily as he pulled himself from the deep pit. Meanwhile, Gwendar’s devoted apprentice, Serka, made a move for the green circle with Stonefang’s Stout Rib. Quickly, she plunged the stone rib into the earth at the circle’s center and it began to vibrate with a rumbling peal. Then she too uttered the simple phrase, “Stonefang, I bind you to the Pit of Doom!” The titan’s shimmering rib collapsed, undermining his defenses.

It was obvious that the binding ritual was taking its toll on the titan. The companions needed to act fast however, as it was evident by the titan’s huge size that the companions were in the presence of a power much greater than themselves! They needed to complete the binding ritual to have any chance at defeating the earth titan, Stonefang. Altain was the first to act as he charged toward the pit and prepared to fey step (teleport) to the opposite side in an attempt to reach the orange circle with the Eye of Stonefang. But as he neared the pit two huge fists came crashing down upon the swordmage nearly killing him, but then his enchanted leather armor began to flare a crimson-red before he suddenly vanished from the earth titan’s sight. The dwarf, Mongo, realizing his friends peril moved to engage the elemental beast with his trusty battleaxe, Skull Cleaver. Altain then suddenly reappeared twenty-feet away, near the enchanted orange-circle, and placed the eye at its center. The magic within the circle began to emit a fiery flash, and then the eye went cold and dark. The flame replacing Stonefang’s eye snuffed out, and the titan began to flail about, his sight afflicted.

Meanwhile, Robyn Graives made his way quickly towards the red-circle and placed Stonefang’s Heart at it’s center. The red-circle began to ripple like a pond disturbed by a stone. The smoky heart within Stonefang’s chest began to pour out and disperse, causing him to clutch his chest and he visibly began to weaken. Yet the earth titan was far from done, as he continued to slam each of his enemies as the opportunities presented themselves. Many of the companions struggled to remain on their feet as the moved about the battlefield looking for any advantages possible. It was then that the group realized that the red-circle contained healing properties, but it wasn’t long until the earth titan recognized the same. The battle was proving to be a bloody affair but the companions continued to put on a brave fight, unwilling to relent, and apparently willing to pay the ultimate price. Then Mongo was struck with two massive slams of Stonefang’s fists, but luckily he managed to avoid two others that would have surely killed him, but the bloody dwarf stood his ground. A few short seconds later the battle suddenly shifted as the companions began to land multiple blows to the titan, and then one last well placed dagger from the Robyn ended the epic struggle. Stonefang screamed in anger, or perhaps it was agony, before being suddenly pulled towards the Pit of Doom. The pull of the titan’s ‘prison to be’ was undeniable, as the titan screamed in rage before vanishing into the pit. Then the screams began to fade as the earth titan was absorbed into the earth at the bottom of the pit.

With no time to spare the leader of the Shadow Chain Cult, Gwendar, then suddenly emerged from a nearby cavern tunnel screaming what sounded like words of warning?! But as Gwendar neared the pit his words became more legable. Apparently he needed to perform one final ritual of binding to prevent Stonefang’s escape. As the dwarf completed this final ritual a magic field flashed into place over the top of the pit before slowly turning invisible. Stonefang was once again imprisoned.

Gwendar and the others then offered to keep watch as the companions rested for the night, but the companions suggested they share the watch. The two parties also agreed to return the Timbervale after a good nights rest. Gwendar, and his dwarven companions, could only express their sincere gratitude for what the companions had done for them and their people. But the dwarves also expressed a need to keep the whole ordeal with the earth titan secret, as apparently no one knew of the creature’s prison deep below the Ironwall Mountains, nor did they know of where Stonefang Pass had actually gotten its name. It was a secret that had to remain closely guarded.

The next morning the two groups returned to Timbervale. There the companions received a heroes welcome, as Lady Sevrym organized an impromtu celebration in the town square. With nearly all the citizens of Timbervale present, Lady Sevrym spoke of their unmatched bravery, and willingness to make the ultimate sacrafice. She also announced that from that day forward they would be considered heroes of the land, and welcome to stay anywhere in town free of charge. The Lady then gave up the podium to Rangrim the dwarf, who awarded the group with a chest full of gold, and his deepest condolences for the loss of the groups beloved companion Wolven. Once again the four remaining companions received a boisterous ovation from the large crowd as another dwarf took to the stage. Thane Harvak echoed the sentiments of his previous speakers, and then offered his own kind words. The Thane then ended by announcing that all four heroes would officially be recognized as honorary members of the Glintshied Clan, and that Wolven would receive the honor as well posthumeously.

The festivities and celebrations continued into evening before the cool night air of the coming fall forced many inside. The next morning the heroes accepted an invitation from Lady Sevrym to remain in town as long as they liked. It was a welcomed moment of relaxation for the group. In fact it was decided that they should wait for the winter snows to begin melting before they headed out. This also gave the paladin, Fin LaVie, an opportunity to begin a project that burned within him. He hoped to find an old set of ruins outside of town in which to renevate. He now felt the calling to serve Bahamut, and hoped to erect a small temple to honor the god somewhere nearby. Lady Sevrym was more than happy to help the paladin realize his dream, as she connected him with a group of dwarven engineers, and masons, to help begin the project southwest of town. The project was to take two months, as Fin hired a dwarven engineer to organize the project, and six dwarven mason to reconstruct the structure. It was an eight month project, but Fin had managed to scrape together a skilled group from the local population, and now hoped to have the project completed before the heart of winter fell upon the northern lands.



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