Legends and Lore

The Catacombs (Episode 30)

The next morning the group descended the dark staircase. From somewhere ahead the barely audible sound of chanting could be heard, apparently a liturgy to Bahamut. The group continued carefully down the stairs where they discovered a large chamber. Four sarcophagi, one open, stood in the outer portion of the irregularly shaped room. Beyond, a few armored humans knelt in worship before an ornate alter decorated with twin rearing dragon heads. A soft light emanated from the alter, bathing the worshipers in a halo of gold. Unsure of exactly what was going on, or who these individuals might be, the group proceeded with caution. The group decided to engage the mysterious knights in conversation, but their responses were a bit stiff as the lead knight seemed very informal, an oddity to both Fin and Sir Oakley. It was under this pretense of caution that the group suddenly found themselves under attack. The heroes were unsure of exactly why the attack had occurred but had little time to ponder the question. Soon however the questions were answered as the knights were discovered to actually be hovering slightly above the stone floor! Then a few short seconds later their long hair lashed out, draining several of the companions of their living essence, before the knights turned incorporeal! These were obviously not knights, but in fact a ghostly entity known as a pale reaver. Shocked by the sudden turn of events the group was forced to rely on their finely tuned instincts to react. At times several heroes seemed on the verge of collapse, most notably the dwarf, Mongo. While others seemed under their enemies ghostly possession at times, yet once again the companions eventually prevailed.

After a thorough search of the premises it was finally decided that the group should press onward, despite Robyn Graives’ objections that they had failed to check any of the unopened sarcophagi inside the chamber.

The group decided to exit the chamber through the northern doors next to the strange twin-dragon headed alter. In the next chamber two ornately carved sarcophagi occupied one side of the room. Past them, a font jutting from the opposite wall could be seen bubbling with clean, clear water. Then a clattering of bones suddenly filled the chamber, skeletons attacked! The chamber was quite dark, and only the faint silhouettes of the enemies fleshless form could be seen at the onset of the conflict. Then the battleground was suddenly ignited with light as a ball of flame struck from the groups right flank, suddenly exploding from an unnoticed enemy, a blazing skeleton wreathed in flames! Then more clattering of bones, as two more skeletons moved into the area from other unseen positions within the chamber. But these skeletons were unlike any known to exist, as both wielded four scimitars, one for each of it’s four arms! Thankfully the companions acted quickly however, and created a defensive perimeter at the chamber’s doors which prevented the enemy from surrounding the group. The battle that ensued proved less bloody than the one before, but still left the group with extensive injuries that required immediate care.

It was during the short rest following this battle that the group discovered a secret door leading to a hidden chamber. A striking mosaic, its colors still stark despite the passage of years, covered the wall of the square chamber. The mosaic depicted Bahamut as a dracolich, but there was little evidence of exactly why. Each of the other three walls held a door like the one the group had entered, most likely hidden from the other side. Three sets of gleaming plate mail lay sprawled on the floor, each containing a set of bleached bones. Swords lay beside the skeletons, still sheathed and attached to their half-rotted leather belts. It was in the midst of a small pile of bones that must have been a hand, that the group spotted a glint of yellow. It was three topaz gems, and by the looks of them ones of significant value. Further investigation led the group to the conclusion that the three knights had most likely starved, but why? Were they hiding? From what? Once again there seemed to be only more questions, and few answers.

After a short rest the group decided to press onward, delving deeper into the catacombs…



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