Legends and Lore

The Catacombs II (Episode 31)

When it was time to move onward the companions decided to take the far northeastern door. Beyond, an enormous chamber was discovered, a mansion for the dead knights of the abbey. From where they stood the group could see at least a half a dozen stone sarcophagi arrayed around the shadow-draped chamber, and others most likely sitting in the darkness deeper within. A strange reddish glow tinged the shadows, apparently emanating from something near the wall to their right, and in it several dark figures could be seen moving stealthily toward the group. Five quiet humanoid creatures could be counted, and the sound of rattling chainmail could be heard emanating from the rear of the hall. Something heavy was dragging across the floor nearby but seemed just out of sight. The companions quickly moved into the great hall, moving to defensible positions around the nearest sarcophagi. It wasn’t long before the group recognized what appeared to be some sort of zombies closing fast, but perhaps too fast? Shortly after that initial impression some began to recognize their mistake when long canine fangs became apparent as each of the five figures lunged towards their prey. Vampires! But this first wave soon proved to be more of a scare than a threat, as each fell where they stood when struck.

As this initial attack took place, an unexpected creature appeared from behind a distant pillar. A six-legged reptilian creature unlike anything the group had ever seen. But what really stood out was the creatures intense gaze, eyes glowing an almost florescent green. It was these eyes that proved most dangerous as one quickly became ill from just the creature’s simple stare! And if this gaze was not dangerous enough, its razor sharp teeth appeared capable of severing a man’s arm with one simple bite!

Soon after the six-legged reptilian lizard appeared two more figure were noted standing at the northern end of the massive tomb. One wore a black cape and seemed very pale, and the other a bald man wearing chainmail armor under dark purple robes, and a mace in his right hand. The pale man was believed to be a vampire, but his strange reptilian tongue flicked in and out of the man’s mouth at random intervals leaving each companion wondering about his true nature. The strange man also seemed to have the ability to charm an individual, allowing him to draw his victim closer while clouding their thoughts. It wasn’t until the battle neared its end that the man’s secrets finally revealed themselves – suddenly transforming into a large humanoid snake with a tough hide and increased quickness.

Meanwhile, the man wearing the purple robes rushed into melee as the battle continued to be waged. He seemed crazed, and his bloodlust was more than evident as he howled madly during battle. This mad howl was ear piercing, and often left one with an immense skull splitting headache, and the inability to move! The battle proved to be more difficult than first expected, but once again the companions banded together.

The snaketongue vampire was a worthy adversary, but the crazed man cloaked in purple robes proved to be the better of the two. It was on this individual that the group discovered a spiral holy symbol around the man’s neck. It was the ancient symbol of Tharizdun, or the elder elemental eye. Others once knew him as the chained god, and his followers were known to be a crazed cult. But the paladin, Fin, also knew that this god had supposedly vanished long ago with many of the others. Perhaps the man was a lone zealot, or perhaps he was a member of a larger group? It was the first such individual the group had met, and none could know for certain whether or not there would be others?

Following the battle in the massive chamber the group decided to rest while checking out the premises. Upon the Tharizdun worshipper three more cards were discovered: the jester, talons, and flames. Along the eastern wall an alter was discovered bathed in a red glow, and near the alter a bag of gold coins on the chamber floor. Upon closer inspection of the alter a viscous liquid was found pooling around the feet of a platinum dragon icon. It was pale red in color, with streaks of silver, and flecks of gold mixed within. Rolen moved up to inspect the substance closer, and then touched it with his dagger. It was then that the unexpected occurred, as the strange substance began moving up the dagger and began to flow over Rolen’s flesh! Then it began to seep into his pores as though it was being absorbed!! Rolen began flailing about in an attempt to free himself of the substance, but to no avail. Panic began to permeate throughout the group, as others tried to assist their new companion. Finally Fin managed to calm Rolen enough to successfully scrape the substance from his flesh, and then quickly flicked his dagger in order to remove the substance from his weapon. The strange silvery-red substance seemed able to spread quickly, and each member shivered with dread at the mere thought of what the substance might be capable of, especially if left to entirely envelope an individual. Rolen, having nearly been a victim of the red liquid, decided to take a sample of the substance using a small flask. The maneuver required a quick and steady hand, but the transfer was a success. Many wondered why mess around with the dangerous liquid, but Rolen seemed to think that the substance might prove useful in the future.

It was also during further inspection of the great chamber that the northwestern corner was found to contain a statue of Bahamut in the form of a human knight wearing plate armor. It was there that Fin LaVie noted that he could sense his god’s power. Another item of interest stood near this statue, in the far northwester corner of the chamber, a sarcophagus. Sir Oakley was the first to note that the name etched in the stone was in fact the resting place of the founder of the abbey, Gardin the Hammer.

It was after this short rest that the group decided to return to the recently discovered secret chamber. With the unusual mosaic of Bahamut as a dracolich watching over them, the companions settled in for a good nights rest.

The next morning the group awoke unusually refreshed. The two paladins of Bahamut, Fin LaVie and Sir Oakley, felt that the group had been blessed that night by a higher power. It seemed a good omen for the upcoming day… (each player starts this day with 5 temporary hit points!)



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