Legends and Lore

The Dragon's Hoard (Episode 71)

Mongo’s journal…

Entry 1:
It is hard to put into words what we’ve discovered on this day. A dragon’s hoard the likes of which few in history have ever seen. There is much work to be done as the riches are buried deep within the ice, but we must sleep first for we are all exhausted from our near death experience.

Entry 2:
In the morning we began the excavation into the floor of this icy cavern. We can see the gold coins glistening below the surface of the ice. There is no way to know how great our discovery, or how deep the pile of coins might be, but it appears to be of some significance.

Entry 3:
It’s now getting late, and nearing time to rest for the evening. Excavation of the site is far from over but our find has proven greater than any of us dared imagine. In one day we have already removed more coins and jewels than we could ever hope to carry! Silver and gold beyond imagination!!

Entry 4:
During the night an enormous worm-like creature rose from a nearby chasm, the northern people call this strange creature a remorhaz. Thankfully it made its way towards the dead dragon to feed, and then dragged the rest of the carcass into the chasm from which it came.

Entry 5:
Another day of excavations has revealed silver, gold, copper, and platinum coins beyond imagination once again. If I hadn’t seen it all with my own eyes I would surely doubt such a story. Jewelry and pottery created from these precious metals has also been discovered in great quantities.

Entry 6:
Unimaginable wealth uncovered yet again today, but it is a simple clay tablet that has caught our attention on this day. Strange symbols are etched into its gray surface. Thankfully several in our group recognize the symbols as that of the draconic tongue. It reads as follows: “Disturb my horde for your greed deserves its due, but choose wisely or a fate worse than me shall befall you”. These words bring an uneasy silence over the entire group. There seems to be some disagreement of what all this might mean, and our high spirits are now dampened. It appears to be some sort of curse…

Entry 7:
After much thought we believe the best course of action would be to exercise great caution on what we choose to take from the countless items being uncovered. Anything that appears to be even slightly symbolic of evil will be left behind, this includes several golden statues undoubtedly of immense value.

Entry 8:
The remorhaz returned last night but Altain managed to drive it over a nearby ledge into the chasm below, and thankfully it hasn’t returned. Altain now sits with a large pearl-like orb nearly the size of a goblin’s head. White mist swirls inside and we are pretty certain its another dragon orb.

Entry 9:
Mundane necklace with oval onyx stone, warm to the touch heart shaped brooch that beats softly, several silvery metal bands that appear to be rings, mithral plate armor, a beautifully crafted waraxe, and a black cloak that causes a ripple in the surrounding air are just a few of the items uncovered throughout the next several days.

Entry 10:
One item discovered has us puzzled. It looks to be a large tooth, perhaps the size of a small fist, with a small hole bored through the sharp tip. two small holes can also be found on the side with a small concave dip between them. The holes run through the length of the tooth and are all interconnected. Robyn speculates that it is perhaps some type of horn? Near the tooth we also discovered a small glass vial with a silvery residue inside. These items seem useless, but Altain seems to indicate that they radiate an aura of enchantment. Fin has volunteered to take them both.

Entry 11:
Robyn has decided to wear the mundane necklace with the onyx stone that we found several days earlier. It seems to possess the ability to instill confidence and believability in story telling, as Robyn likes to see it anyway, and the rogue seems to think it will prove useful. He has given Altain the heart shaped brooch in exchange for the necklace. I have chosen the black cloak from our find, it will not only serve me well in our chilling travels ahead, but seems to possess other enchantments as well. I have been seeking just such an item for a very long time.

Entry 12:
After a ten day holed up in this cavern we have found a cave leading out. Laden down with riches we once again venture out into the great white northland. Our destination, The East Wind Temple.



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