Legends and Lore

The East Wind (Episode 45)

Later that night the companions made their way towards The East Wind Temple. Outside two dragonborn guards could be seen flanking the stairway leading inside the temple. The group feeling that a full frontal assault might be too dangerous ultimately decided to fade back into the surrounding woods, and then quickly moved toward the eastern side of the temple. There they quickly had Robyn scale the side of the the temple in order to reach the roof. From there Robyn moved towards the sky-light to get a better look at what the companions might be up against. Surrounding the reflecting pool, far below, Robyn spotted another four dragonborn guards. Two other dragonborn were also spotted on the northern side of the Temple guarding the second stairway entering the building. Finally the group decided on a surprise attack from the temple roof, the sky-light serving as one attack point, while several others moved to other locations in order to jump down upon any other unsuspecting guards surrounding the buildings perimeter.

When the surprise attack was finally sprung the groups fears were in fact confirmed as countless more dragonborn guards of the Queen’s Army rushed out from the temple’s interior, several of which wielded a strange dark magic. It was becoming obvious that the companions down below were quickly becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies, and soon the others on the roof were forced to come to their aid. Bodies began to litter the temple grounds when a general in the Queen’s army suddenly appeared from the quarters below The East Wind. This menacing dragonborn stood nearly 6’6" and made for an imposing figure, his beautifully crafted plate armor with a shield bearing the Queen’s insignia. He stood at the top of the stairway observing for a few short seconds before spotting the Paladin of Bahamut, Fin LaVie, amongst the chaos. Then he moved through the melee to close on “The Chosen One”. Fin noticed the imposing enemies approach and braced himself for the attack. There in the west wing of the temple the two forces of good and evil met as they locked swords and began looking for a hole in the defenses of their opponent. Then as suddenly as the encounter began the evil knight, General Gathus, bashed Fin in the face with his shield staggering the good paladin, and then followed with two quick slashes of the dragonborn’s longsword. Fin collapsed in a pool of blood, quickly losing consciousness. Mongo noticing the plight of his comrade, fought his way through the surrounding combatants in an attempt to assist the fallen paladin. There he stood over Fin as he staved off one assault after another, all the while speaking above the surrounding chaos with an uplifting and emotional tone in his voice. The dwarf’s words seemed powerful, and pushed his companions to greater heights upon the battlefield, but it was the effect upon Fin that surprised many – as the Paladin of Bahamut somehow managed to lift himself from the surrounding pool of blood before once again entering the fray! The inspiring words seemed powerful and uplifting to them all, and with Fin once again fighting alongside his companions the group of heroes managed to finally overcome their evil counterparts.

The blood soaked stonework of The East Wind was a disturbing sight following the battle, but each of the companions also knew it was a necessary outcome of these dark times. The group quickly scoured the temple for any other enemies, or other important information that might be lying about. In the west wing a page of parchment was discovered on a nearby desk. It was some sort of correspondence with the Queen’s forces, which now occupyied the nearby town of Timbervale, and it was signed by a Captain Valanth. Inside the letter Captain Valanth reported that the executions of rebel forces inside Timbervale had now been carried out!

It was shortly after discovering this valuable piece of correspondence that the group suddenly remembered that they had left the sage Tordarich Nem somewhere out in the woods south of the temple. Hoping the sage was still waiting for their return the group began scouring the nearby woods, and thankfully found the concerned sage within the hour. Soon the companions returned to the The Temple of the East Wind were they began considering what to do next. Several suggestions were made, but which should take priority proved less certain. Some suggested entering Timbervale in the hopes of contacting rebel forces to assist the resistance. Others hoped to contact the Dwarves to the north in Hammerfast, with the hopes of convincing them to assist in the liberation of Timbervale. Hard decisions needed to be made, and quickly, there was little time to lose!



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