Legends and Lore

The Fog (Episode 40)

With the wounded tended to, and the ship thoroughly searched for a suspected assassin, the Raven Queen once again set sail upon the open sea. No assassin had been discovered on board the vessel but there remained an uneasiness amongst the crew.

Several days into the voyage things seemed to be going very well, and with the winds filling the sails significant time was being made. But all good things must come to an end, and when the Raven Queen suddenly struck something below the waters surface all on board knew nothing good was sure to come of it. The ship had lost nearly three-quarters of its top speed and the crew now peered over the ship’s rail in an attempt to spot whatever it was the ship had struck. Suddenly a gyser of water erupted at the ship’s bow, and a huge five-headed hydra exploded from the depths of the sea! This mythical creature proved much larger than the hydra the crew had encountered near Vor Rukoth, and the group soon discovered that fire seemed to have little effect towards cauterizing the creatures severed heads! Soon the hydra had sprouted eight heads, and many thought the situation was near hopeless – until the massive creature began to show signs of significant wounds. It was with this renewed hope that the companions finally felled the beast, before watching its bloody carcass slowly descend back to the bottom of the sea.

Days later the Raven Queen once again passed the island clusters near the cape of the mainland, before once again breaking into the open ocean waters. The islands were nearly a full day behind them when the strong ocean breezes began to calm later that evening, and as morning broke a thick fog began moving in. The sails now rarely showed signs of air flow, and the crew began wondering if any sort of movement might be possible in the coming days? All the while the mysterious fog continued to thicken until visibility had been cut to a mere ten to fifteen feet. Then out of nowhere the mysterious silhouette of a sail ship suddenly appeared off the bow of the Raven Queen! Evasive manuevers where quickly taken and a collision was narrowly avoided. The dwarf, Mongo, stood near the rail quietly uttering the words “a ghost ship”, but few responded. Everyone aboard the Raven Queen seemed leary of the ships sudden appearance, and the mysterious fog coupled with the unnerving calm of the open ocean waters, seemed to have all on edge. Then the order came down from Captain Burgoyne to throw the grappling hooks over, and the two vessels were soon parallel.

The mysterious vessel seemed abandoned, and soon a boarding pary was assembled. Fin LaVie and Altain Moonfire would be the first to board. The two companions soon set foot upon the old vessel, the wooden decks faded and gray, and it’s wooden masts disappearing into the thick fog above with no sails in sight. Soon both spotted a body lying nearby, but as they moved closer it’s level of decay became obvious. Both moved closer still in an attempt to get a better look, and it was then that a foot appeared to twitch. Then the creature suddenly lunged at the companions with a vicious swipe of it’s sharp fingernails. Quickly the companions reacted, and somehow managed to avoid the zombies attack. Nearby those on the Raven Queen stood amazed at the sudden rising of the dead corpse. It was during this sudden attack that some noticed the distant roar of what sounded like a raging river? But the thick blanket of fog provided little evidence to what was making the terrifying and unexpected noise. There was little time to contemplate however, as the animated zombie continued to make violent swipes with its clawed hands at Fin and Altain. Thankfully the two heroes were now battle hardened warriors, and each began to take in their surroundings as they planned out their strategy. It was then that both noticed shadows beginning to darken as light seemingly drained from the area. The companions blinked in an attempt to clear their vision, but to no avail. Then an oppressive feeling began to overtake them both, as an unfamiliar desperation began to take hold. It was an uncomfortable feeling like neither had ever experienced before, and as the two companions surveyed their colorless surroundings it sent shivers down their spine. Black melted into gray, and gray into darkness, a monotone cascade of confusion that put both on edge.



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