Legends and Lore

The Guardian (Episode 5)

As the companions followed Robyn further into the temple of Sehanine several in the group noticed movement from behind an elevated water basin at the center of the square forty-foot wide room. Approaching carefully, the group managed to coax a disheveled man dressed in worn leather armor out from hiding, and they soon learned his name was Kiris Hoyt, a possible heir to the ruling Kiris family bloodline. The group began asking Kiris Hoyt about why he stayed after the fall of Kiris Dahn eight long years ago, and how he managed to survive without being discovered by the town’s conquerers? The man began to explain how his family had abandoned him here as a power play. It was a clear attempt to cut him from the distribution of family wealth in his eyes.

It was during this conversation that Hoyt suddenly snapped to attention, as the thunder of dozens of little feet could be heard approaching from the temple’s northern and southern entrances. Soon nearly a dozen goblins blocked the groups escape route, their leader waving about a silver dagger while yelling “kill the rat man!, them too!, kill all rat mans!!” Kiris Hoyt began to stumble backwards, as a look of shock filled his eyes. Then he began to transform. Bone and sinew began to snap and pop, while Hoyt’s fingernails and nose began to elongate. He was quickly transforming into a humanoid rat! Within seconds Hoyt bit Robyn and Dirk as arrows began to fly from the goblins at the southern portcullis. From the northern exit more goblins approached with worn short swords in hand. Coren moved to the northern stairs to block their entrance, and quickly disposed of the ragtag group with a series of impressive flying leaps and spins. By this time Hoyt was on the move, making his way towards a metal door on the eastern wall. It was obvious that the rat-man was badly wounded, but those wounds were slowly mending before the companions eyes! Unable to stop Hoyt’s escape Robyn quickly moved to lock the wererat inside the hallway. Both Coren and Dirk apparently disagreed however with Robyn’s strategy, as they knocked him unconscious in order to prevent him from blocking the door. It appeared to be playing out just as they had hoped as Altain had the opposite end of the hall blocked as well. Then an unexpected turn took place as Altain was struck with one final blow knocking him unconscious, which allowed Hoyt to escape through the southern passage! But not before the wererat picked up a silver dagger near the now dead goblin leader Triflik.

Coren, Dirk, and Wolven quickly gave chase as they climbed rooftops and scrambled down alleyways. Luckily a blood trail left by the wounded rat-man allowed the group to track Hoyt back to the ruined library several blocks away. But it was there that the pursuit stopped, as the trail of blood abruptly ended. Most likely the result of the creatures unusual ability to heal. Meanwhile Dirk was left wondering about the silver dagger, with the hilt exquisitely crafted to resemble intertwining serpents, and whether it might have been enchanted?

It was during this disappointing chase that the group of three discovered another abandoned wing of the massive library. Bookcases had been pushed aside as though a large beast had moved through the area, and three large brassy scales lay upon the floor nearby. On the other side of the bookshelves a stone wall panel had been tossed to the ground, revealing an empty alcove. There the companions discovered gouges from giant claws all around the corners of the alcove and on the wall panel. Coren began to wonder if perhaps a large dragon had beaten them to the last remaining slaying stone? If true, the guardian of the stone would most likely be more dangerous than anything they could have ever imagined.

Unable to pick up on Hoyt’s trail, the three companions returned to the temple district where they found Robyn (now conscious) watching over Altain near the water basin. Thankfully both were still safe, although Altain was still unconscious. They then decided to use their second ritual scroll of detection in an attempt to detect the lost slaying stone. Unfortunately the slaying stone was not detected however, and the group decided they needed to press onward. Now the group only had one scroll of detection remaining and they knew they needed to make it count.

Altain was now being carried by Coren as the group made their way to the Kiris Mansion. But as the group neared the towns stables growls could be heard emanating from inside, and a small voiced yelled out in what sounded like the goblin tongue. Deciding to check the stables, the group discovered two goblins watching over a half dozen wolves. Fortunately the companions were able to take the two goblins by surprise, giving them no time to release the viciously trained animals. It didn’t take long before the enemy was silenced permanently. It was then decided that everyone was in need of a good nights rest, and this temple seemed as good a spot as any, so the group holed up there for the remainder of the night.

The next morning Altain had once again regained consciousness so the companions began to make their way northward towards the mansion. The city seemed different in the light of day, and the companions couldn’t help but notice an area to the east of the Kiris mansion where steam seemed to be filling the morning air. But with little time to contemplate what it might be the group quickly press on, but both Robyn and Dirk complained of an unusual sensitivity to the morning light. Each was running a slight fever, and both were now left to hope that it would disipate over the next day. But Dirk had other things on his mind as well, as he constantly kept one eye open for Hoyt, or more importantly Triflik’s blade in which Hoyt had so conveniently walked away with.



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