Legends and Lore

The Hunt (Episode 68)

Altain’s journal…

Entry 1:
We have been accepted into the Goliath encampment. The Elder Council has deemed us trustworthy. After earning their trust many questions remained, and we were allowed to ask as we pleased. We returned the generosity by providing answers to their questions as well. We quickly learn that they know little of dragons, except that they are the stuff of children’s tales. They promise to question one of their tribes elders however about legends of the past in hopes of providing any clues that may exist regarding such a beast. We still hold out hope that we may soon learn more from these nomadic people.

Entry 2:
Further talks with these nomadic half-giant people have brought new facts to light. The blue-skinned giants we killed earlier are known as frost giants. We informed the goliath leaders that the frost giants tried to talk us into raiding their encampments. The two sides seem very much at odds with one another. The goliath’s also spoke of the chillborn, frozen undead who walk these forsaken lands north of the wall. Many of the tribesmen seem to believe these are the cursed remains of those less fortunate, who have frozen or died due to the harsh conditions of the north. They are to be feared by all, and can quickly outnumber unwary travelers who fail to recognize the immense danger their sudden presence presents.

Entry 3:
Our hosts have apparently discovered a town elder who knows more about the legend of the Great White Wyrm. The beast apparently many centuries ago dominated these frozen lands of the north and was known by the name Sleet, due to its cold and stormy breath weapon. But this draconic beast vanished nearly 300 years ago according to ancient legend. The old tribesman also seemed shocked that this ancient legend appeared to be rooted in truth! Expressing the fact that he had always believed such a beast to be little more than a story told to children around a campfire over many generations. He also seems to know a bit about where the Great White Wyrm might be located as many of these stories seem to center around a cave complex near the next mountain peak.

Entry 4:
After a good nights rest we prepared to make our way towards the next mountain peak. But we must first descend from our current location and cross the valley below. Once again the winds howl between the towering peaks and the falling snow is beginning to make visibility difficult. Fin spotted suspicious drifts later in the day. I believe we wisely chose to avoid the area. The chillborn, as the goliath tribesmen call them, make my blood run cold. Will avoid at any cost!

Entry 5:
We have finally reached the tree line and now hope to find a safe location to rest from both the wintry conditions, and the dangers that lurk beyond.

Entry 6:
We’ve found a ridge in which to take cover from the wintry winds. Robyn seems uncomfortable with the position however and is now burrowing a tunnel nearby in which to take refuge for the night.

Entry 7:
Attacked during the night by two freakishly large wolves over six feet tall at the shoulders! A frost giant soon followed, apparently the wolves master. Luckily we received some warning from Altain this time however, and were able to put up a proper defense. Killed all three but I have little doubt that there will be more as it almost seems as though they are hunting us. Important to note that this frost giant was substantially larger than the scouts mounted of mammoths that we previously encountered. I wonder how much larger they can get?…



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