Legends and Lore

The Prophecy (Episode 23)

The companions had settled down outside of Hommlet, and now prepared to wait out the remainder of the day until nightfall. It was then that they decided that they would attempt to make their way into town under the cover of darkness. But just as darkness fell across the snow covered land voices were heard emanating from nearby. The voices were in a hushed tone, but it definitely seemed to be that of the common tongue. The heroes quickly attempted to take cover, but several soon learned they had been unsuccessful as the approaching guard called for them to show themselves. The confident dwarf, Mongo, was the first to respond as he stepped out from a small grove of trees nearby. Six human guards, all bearing the symbol of the setting sun, were being led by a dragonborn captain who immediately gave the order to apprehend the dwarf. A short discussion followed before the captain lost patience, and the two sides drew their respective weapons. From the trees Mongo’s companions quickly stepped fourth to engage their enemy. The battle was quickly won, and the companions began to realize that it would only be a matter of time before someone realized the guard had gone missing.

Quickly the group began to make their way towards Hommlet, but once again found themselves hampered by two short humanoids lurking in the distant trees. Perhaps they were spies, none could be sure, but it was obvious that the two small draconic figures were diliberately keeping to the shadows. Luckily the group had spotted the pair first, and once again disposed of them before the city guard could be alerted.

A short time later they finally managed to sneak into town under the cover of darkness. It was now past midnight, and the group knew they need to find a place to stay without drawing undo attention to themselves. Stealthily the group made their way through the strangely quiet streets of Hommlet when they suddenly heard the footfalls of the approaching city guard. Quickly the companions took cover while Robyn stood at the crossroads with a puzzled look upon his face. It didn’t take long for the four guards to take note of the lone straggler. It was apparently past curfew (one in which the heroes knew nothing about!), but the quick witted rogue had a simple explanation for his indiscretions – his wife had kicked him out of the house once again and he needed a place to stay the night. Robyn’s ability to think on his feet paid off, and he was escorted to Terrigan’s with a stern warning to not be caught out at such a late hour again. The companions followed a short time later, and joined Robyn in one of only two rooms available at the ramshackle tavern.

The next day the companion departed Terrigan’s and joined the bustling crowds to try to get a better picture of exactly what was going on in the usually sleepy little town. Guards were seen on nearly every street, their armor baring the symbol of the Queen’s Army of the setting sun. Unfortunately no one could tell the group who exactly this so called “Queen” was? There was also no sign of Rufus and Burne, and nobody seemed to have seen the pair in some time. Finally the group decided to pay Todariche Nem, the sage of Hommlet, a visit. But once they arrived at the sage’s home he refused to open the door and let them in, and instead gave them a stern warning to leave and that he would find them at a later time. Quickly he asked where they were staying, in which they answered the Welcome Wench Inn. With that answer he then suddenly closed the door.

That night, as the companions surveyed the night life of the taproom of their newly chosen place of rest at the Welcome Wench Inn, a sudden commotion from upstairs turned an uneventful evening into chaos. Robyn had gone upstairs alone to rest, when suddenly two daggers flew through an open window striking the unsuspecting rogue! Very quickly the apparent poison upon the blades began to cloud Robyn’s vision, and his sight began to blur. Panicked, the nearly blind rogue scrambled in the general direction of the door, before making his way into the hall. There he screamed for help, while the attacker silently pursued its prey. Thankfully Fin heard Robyn’s desperate screams, and rushed up the narrow stairway to the second floor, then rushed past the nearly unconscious Robyn to charge the darkly cloaked ‘would be’ assassin. But the mysterious individual seemed uninterested in taking matters further, as he quickly retreated back into Robyn’s room and leaped through the open window, disappearing into the winter night. Meanwhile, Robyn made his way downstairs to the taproom where Mongo began to treat the rogues serious wounds. It had been a close call, and Robyn knew he was lucky to still be alive. The event had shaken many in the group, and it was decided that they should turn in for the night before they drew any more attention to themselves. Robyn, understandably unnerved, decided to stay in Fin’s room, choosing to sleep under the paladin’s bed for the remainder of the night.

Then several hours before dawn, and well past mandatory curfew, Todariche the sage arrived at the Welcome Wench Inn. Quietly he made his way up to the second floor where the companions slept, and knocked ever so slightly on their door. Nervously the companions checked who it might be, still nervous from the nights previous events, before opening the door to let the sage inside. It was then that he told the group of his uncovering of an ancient prophecy that had apparently begun. The first sign of which was that “the chosen one will rise again after darkness falls”, a clear refrence to the born again Paladin of Bahamut, Fin LaVie. But he was unable to find anything else that might expand on the mysterious prophecy. There was only one known source that might contain such answers, the Lost Scrolls. But the sage had little idea of where the Lost Scrolls might be located in the world today, or if they even still existed at all? But he believed he knew where some answers might be found – the Three Sisters of the Feywood Forest. It was Todariche’s hope that the three oracles might know something of the ancient prophecy, and perhaps the location of the Lost Scrolls. But the sage quickly warned the group that the three oracles would not part with such highly coveted information so easily, and that there was often a great price to be paid for such knowledge. Then the sage spoke of the great danger of being discovered in the groups presence, before wishing them well and departing into the silent streets of the night. Each could only hope that they might soon discover exactly what it was that they were up against.

Before daybreak the group once again made their way to the northwest edge of town, and under the cover of darkness disappeared into the great unknown. They began their trek southward towards the mysterious Feywood Forest.



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