Legends and Lore

The Road Beyond (Episode 64)

Altain’s journal…

Entry 1:
It was during our attack on the High Wyrmlord’s estate that we suddenly discovered what the chanting emanating from back room was. The building suddenly began to tremble and shake violently, then the walls began to collapse on the upper floor! It was in this chaos that the dust and smoke finally began to clear. Standing before us was a sight none of us would soon forget – Tiamat!

Entry 2:
The battle against the Dark Queen was one we all somehow managed to survive, but we are now spent and in desperate need of rest. Troops of the Queen’s army stand in shock down below, and it appears that many are unsure of what to do. We probably only have a short time to remain before some get the courage to inspect the manor. We decide to take a quick rest. During this reprieve Fin begins to speak solomly about what had just taken place. He explained that this was merely an aspect of the Dark Queen. This meant that she was apparently growing in power, but was still unable to fully enter this plane of existance. He then warned us in a hushed tone that she would continue to grow in power, and that this was far from over. A sobering thought indeed…

Entry 3:
Robyn noted a group removing High Wyrmlord Azarak’s body from the manor grounds, and has decided to follow them from the shadows. Apparently the cloak the High Wyrmlord wears has caught the attention of he and Mongo, especially Mongo’s. The crazy dwarf even paid Robyn five hundred gold pieces to retrieve it! What in the nine hells, I thought dwarves loved ancient golden coin??? So much for that theory. We intend to meet up with Robyn back in the sewers later this night. Hope he finds his way, and isn’t captured in the meantime! Several pieces of parchment discovered around Azarak’s room as well. Two recent letters and a torn page of ancient text. Seems to be a prayer to the Dark Queen and her hopeful return. Fin has found an enchanted backpack as well, and he seems downright giddy about the whole thing. But what immediately catched my attention lies at the bottom of an old trunk. The minute I lay eyes on it I am almost certain of what it is, but I can hardly believe my eyes – a dragon orb! By the gods could it really be? As Robyn hands it over gently I began to rub it carefully, gazing into its smokey depths. It was then that a green smoke began to swirl about in the beautiful sphere’s interior. Such magic as this had vanished from the world long before even the dragons themselves. So ancient in fact that very little is even mentioned of them in the ancient texts! Fin and I excitedly began to discuss the discoveries implications to our cause, and exchange what little information we both know of the ancient orb. I can feel the arcane energy coursing through the orb, and it feels as though it draws me near. Magnificent!

Entry 4:
Fin suggested that we leave through the sewers in which we came. It’s definitely a better plan than trying to sneak off the premises above ground. But the disgusting sewers are depressing, and the smell, I feel like puking just thinking about it. During our return Fin and I continue to discuss the dragon orb discovered earlier. It appears that we agree that most possess the power to control only one species of dragon, and this one appears to be attuned to those with green scales. We also agree that it not only proves their existance but sends our minds racing with the possibility that others may still exist as well, but where?…

Entry 5:
We have returned to Broden Steele’s hideout after making our way through the tunnels of the underground sewers. The resistance movement is now in full swing, and is using guerrilla warfare tactics. We’ve agreed to assist them over the next ten day while Sir Oakley’s army continues to make its way toward New Haven.

Entry 6:
We have been training the resistance in the skills of warfare and stealth. Things have been going very well, and the men and women have taken to it like zombies to human flesh. We are definitely having an effect on the enemy forces, and more desertions occur within the enemy ranks on a daily basis. Undoubtedly the sight of their Dark Queen being defeated has had a large impact, but so have our tactics.

Entry 7:
Today our Northern Army finally arrived on the outskirts of New Haven, and the liberation of the city has begun. It won’t be long before the remaining occupying forces will soon give way. Our work here is done. It seems that it is time for us to travel the road beyond. It is on this night that I carefully hold the dragon orb, its swirling green mist filling its interior. I then begin concentrating, filling my thoughts with that of a white dragon, hoping that somehow this orb might possess the ability to influence that species as well, but to no avail.

Entry 8:
We’ve now set our sights on the road north, desitination “the Wall”. A land few dare travel, of deadly cold temperatures, and if legend serves me correctly even more deadly beasts. I have never seen the lands north of the wall, and those who have almost never return to tell the tale. It is the land of the legendary mountain troll, and some say much worse. But what remains is nothing more than the old tales of children’s stories, and of course none can be sure of what is truth and what is fiction? Guess we will soon find out!…



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