Legends and Lore

The Slaying Stone (Episode 7)

The companions prepared to move out of the kobold slums in the dead of night feeling it would be safer to move about the ruins of Kiris Dahn under the cover of darkness. But before they managed to make their way out of the slums they spotted two goblins pinned against the wall of a nearby house. Five orcs surrounded the goblins as two of the orcs held their heads still, while another heated up a red-hot branding iron. It didn’t take Robyn long to react as he quickly knocked an arrow, and his shot was deadly accurate, as the arrow shot between two of the orcs and struck one of the goblins square between the eyes killing it instantly. Quickly four of the orcs charged. In the ensuing melee much of the party became seperated before Altain found himself suddenly attacked from behind. It was the wererat Kiris Hoyt who had suddenly dropped from a nearby rooftop. Altain now found himself flanked by his orc adversary on one side and the wererat on the other, while his companions continued their battles in other nearby streets. Finally after several exchanges Altain began to prevail as he dropped his orc enemy, and the wererat began to flee towards the rooftops. But the chase was short lived as Altain quickly gave chase and delivered the death blow on the roof of a nearby structure, sending the lifeless body of the wererat crashing to the cold dark street below. The silvered-steel dagger known as Triflik’s blade sent clattering upon the cobblestone street as it flew from Kiris Hoyt’s lifeless hand.

Altain made his way down from the rooftops above to inspect the body. After collecting the enchanted dagger Altain noticed that the body of the wererat had transformed back to his human form of Kiris Hoyt. Not long after, other members of the group began to appear at the scene, but not Robyn. The rogue had been cut badly and had fallen unconscious a few blocks away. Fortunately the bleeding had been stopped by one of his companions, but he was now unconscious. It was another close call in the dark ruins of Kiris Dahn.

After a short rest on top of a nearby tower. The group prepared to make their way to the hot springs, but not before Altain gave the dagger known as Triflik’s Blade to Dirk. The rogue eyed the dagger with a sparkle in his eyes, as he had feared the wererat had once again escaped with his coveted prize. Thankfully it had turned out that this was in fact not the case.

Steam filled the air as the group made their way through the acropolis and the hot spring baths of Kiris Dahn. Carefully Fin led the way through the steam-ridden location before discovering the dragon’s lair. It was there that he began to negotiate with the irritable dragon known as Tyristys. Fin LaVie proved to be much more skilled in the art of negotiation, as he soon won the dragon’s confidence. They promised to protect the stone from the evil inhabitants of Kiris Dahn with the hope of destroying the slaying stone once and for all. The dragon was more than happy to rid itself of the troublesome stone.

The companions then returned to the slums in hopes of finding information that might lead them to the last book Treona had requested. It was supposedly a black book which seemed little to go on, but they hoped one of the kobolds might be able to help? While walking these slums they soon discovered a littany of traps down a small alley with a group of kobolds hiding in a building nearby. Thankfully they mananged to once again gain the trust of the little dog-like creatures, but they were of little help in locating the black book. However they did manage to negotiate two small vials containing liquid which the kobolds had apparently recently discovered. Unfortunately the kobold could only tell the companions that the liquid could “make feel good.” Altain inspected the liquid before the companions agreed to pay 75 gold pieces for the two rare vials. Altain believed them to be legendary potions of healing, but couldn’t be certain. If this proved true the significant price would prove well worth their investment.

Once again the companions headed north hoping to secure the final text before leaving the ruined city. This time they hoped to secretly make their way through the goblin neighborhoods of the northern portion of the city, an area they had previously avoided due to the large number of goblins living there. It was just outside this goblin infested district that the group was ambushed by another group of orcs. It quickly became obvious that these orcs were different though, as they seemed to have a well thought out plan. The companions found themselves assaulted from numerous locations forcing them to spread out in several directions. Luckily Robyn had begun regaining consciousness just as the battle began, and soon proved able to join the fray. But things quickly became dangerous when Fin discovered an orc wolf-shaman hiding around a nearby corned while another orc was engaged in hand-to-hand combat with Altain. Soon a phantom wolf attacked the group from behind before vanishing. Then the next thing the companions knew blue streaks of lightening filled the air around them. It wasn’t long before Fin dropped to the cobblestone street unconscious. Altain was also in dire straits but somehow had managed to stay on his feet. Then another streak of lightening filled the air, this time striking Robyn before suddenly jumping to Wolven!

In a nearby alley Dirk was facing off against another orc, who he would soon realize was Vohx. The orc leader had the rogue in trouble, yet somehow Dirk managed to move about skillfully to avoid what might have proved to be a number of deadly attacks from the orc swordsmen. Then Dirk heard his companions approaching from behind. It was the reinforcement he needed. The orc, Vohx, quickly took cover behind a nearby building as he shouted an angry challenge towards whoever currently possessed the fabled slaying stone. Vohx hoped his challenge would be accepted by one companion foolish enough to challenge him one on one. He knew it was his only hope of escape as he was significantly outnumbered, his orc companions bodies now laying lifeless in nearby streets. It was then that Vohx noticed one companion stepping forward. Vohx leaned out to measure up this foolish advisary, now thinking his opponent had taken the bait! But it was Vohx that soon discovered he had been duped, as Altain removed a glossy black stone from his cloak and began to chant a series of arcane commands. Red ruins began to glow upon the glossy black stone and then a blue beam shot forth striking Vohx. Rage suddenly filled the orc leader as he recklessly charged ahead. Altain had no time to react and he quickly braced himself for the sudden assault. The powerful orc struck visciously knocking the swordmage unconscious, before suddenly expoding himself! The bloody remains of the orc leader rained down as the companions scrambled to Altain’s unconscious body in an attempt to treat his wounds. They quickly stopped the bleeding and stabilized their fallen comrad, before inspecting the other dead orcs nearby.

As the companions returned to the wolf-shaman’s body they were surprised to see Fin standing nearby. Many had thought their guide had fallen in combat, but now questioned what they previously witnessed? They then moved to the orc wolf-shaman where they discovered what they were looking for – a black book. But it was obvious to all it was not just any black book, this book was the deepest black imaginable, so black it in fact that its edges were nearly indiscernable. Even more strange was the fact that it seemed to ooze whisps of black energy?! Fin LaVie stepped forward to take possession of the strange book, as others in the group strongly suggested that he not to open it. Tension filled the suddenly quiet street, as many wondered about the strange fascination Fin seemed to show towards the mysterious tomb. Thankfully Fin followed the numerous requests and kept the book shut, and each of the companions was left wondering whether the groups newest memeber could be trusted?

Exhausted the group returned to the kobold slums for one final nights rest before heading out from the ruins of Kiris Dahn the next day. But before turning in Robyn pulled out a scroll he had discovered in the wolf-shamans backpack. He began reading about the severed-eye orcs of the northlands, and their history in the Ironwall Mountains. It was one of many lost history’s of Sarsis, and one the rogue hoped might prove useful someday in the future.



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