Legends and Lore

Tombs of Ice (Episode 69)

Robyn’s journal…

Entry 1:
After a difficult night of fighting off yet another frost giant with several massive wolves, and then finally some much need sleep, we now prepare to continue descending the mountain to the valley below. It is frightfully cold this morning.

Entry 2:
Now in the valley and I am shaking uncontrollably from the biting cold. The wind seems to rush over the valley floor adding to my intense misery. Having trouble feeling my fingers and toes.

Entry 3:
Just attacked by a chimera near the valley floor. Luckily we saw it at the last second, possibly avoiding a disastrous surprise. The beast still burns from the enchantment of Altain’s blade, so we will warm ourselves and try some of the cooked meat.

Entry 4:
Feeling much better. Warm and well fed. Just in time for making our way up the next mountain. Hope to find some sign that we are heading in the right direction. The goliath elders mentioned something about a frozen lake marking the proper direction to the white dragons lair, but no signs of it yet.

Entry 5:
Have reached the end of the tree line of the next mountain. We will make camp here and continue our upward trek in the morning.

Entry 6:
Spotted a cave in the distance and we are now making our way there.

Entry 7:
Found nine frozen bodies buried in snow at the entrance of the cave. Fin worries that they may be chillborn so we decided to decapitate them, and give them proper burial rites. Inside the cave a ten foot diameter hole was discovered. Altain dropped a torch down to see how far it descended, turns out to be nearly forty feet below. We fastened a rope before descending into the cavern complex. Inside several ice bridges can be seen, but its cold, dark, and eerie. No signs of any activity thus far.

Entry 8:
Chillborn began rising from the ice and snow of the cavern shortly after we entered. Feared we may need to flee but things got intense quickly. We cut down over a half dozen of the frozen undead before a strange beholder suddenly appeared from a nearby ravine. Unlike other floating eyeballs I have learned of, this one seems native to the cold as it is covered in a coat of white armor-like plates, or scales, and its eye rays emit various cold effects.

Entry 9:
After defeating the Eye of Frost we made our way to the various individuals we’ve discovered incased in blocks of ice. After chiseling each one out we discovered a frostwolf pelt on one of the dead men. The pelt is snowy white, and Altain believes it to be enchanted. Mongo’s eyes show an excitement I rarely see from the dwarf, yet he seems willing to offer the rare find to Altain if he would like it. The two are now negotiating for the item in a very dignified manner. We have grown closer as a group than I had ever dreamt possible.



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