Altain Moonfire

Eladrin Swordmage


-Eladrin Swordmage Lv 17
-AC 30 (wears enchanted bloodcut leather armor “Crimson”)
-FORT 21
-REF 25
-WILL 26
-HP 127

  • Altain carries a dark secret that he fears could lead to his downfall.
  • Searching for family history (Moonfire)
  • Elven ghost has given Altain hope that there may be Moonfire lineage near the Deadwood Forest.
  • Altain’s companions have now witnessed his magical nature, but seem unsure of what to make of it?
  • Altain is the son of an Eladrin merchant who left him and his ill mother in New Haven never to
    return. Shortly after his departure she fell to her sickness.
  • Altain was taken in by an Elven store keeper who traded and had dealings with his father in the past.
  • Altain spent most of his childhood reading books and dreaming of the lands his father traveled. And hoping to hear word of his father. Was he slain by beasts in the dark woods, did he leave his sick wife and bookish son, who could barely lift a sword, to travel the world with out the shackles of his weak family to hinder journeys…
  • Altain strives to learn the way of the sword as his father mastered. He tries to take the path of the fighter which he is not idealy suited for being so tall and skinny (6’2" 115#) but other forms of martial prowess seem to be manifesting…
  • Wears enchanted bloodcut leather armor known as “Crimson”
  • Spent the last few winter months cloistered away copying every book he could find to help create a library for the temple of The East Wind.
  • Discovered the following info while copying books for the temple library – click for info.
  • Also searching for texts relating to history and religion. Primarily Corellon and Bahamut, as well as Sehanine Moonbow and other members of the Seldarine.
  • Altain has been hearing voices in his dreams telling him “that for which you seek lies to the south.”
  • Perhaps the voices are Corellon’s guidance?…
  • Believes Corellon placed him with Fin to help him bring light to this dark world.
  • Wields an enchanted (+5 Flaming) longsword “Moonfire” that once belonged to his father. At-will it burns with a silver fire that gives off a soft light akin to the moon.

Altain Moonfire

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