Coren Drukade (deceased)

"A monk no more... Rest easy in the next life my friend."


Level: 2

HP: 28
Speed: 6
Initiative: 4

Armor Class: 18
Fortitude: 16
Reflex: 15
Will: 17

Passive Insight: 13
Passive Perception: 18

Unarmed Combat Expert
Dressed in simple clothes of varying colors

6ft tall and quite stocky. Only slightly more human looking than Orc. In peak physical condition due to years of hard labor as the weaponsmtih’s apprentice.

  • Years of hammering metal and working the bellows of the local weaponsmith have made Coren suprisingly strong.
  • A Self taught disciple of the Stone Fist, bought a tome with the order’s teachings from a traveling merchant.
  • Slow to anger, but prone to sudden outbursts of violence, perhaps due to his Orcish heritage.
  • While he does not agree with some of his bloodlines brutish ways, He has a respect for Orcs and their strength in battle.
  • Quietly harbors a moderate disdain for both Humans and Orcs. Two worlds that he will both always and never be a part of.
  • Has grown weary of the mundane and uneventful life of a weaponsmith.
    -The battlelust has found him…
  • Is looking for new ways to increase his fighting prowess, a few specific ideas have crossed his mind.
  • Decided to join the City Guard of New Haven, so now wears a tabard with a griffon etched on front.
    -Tracking progress of his travels in order to create a detailed map of the area past the
    farmlands for the city guard.
    -Has witnessed Altain’s use of otherworldly powers, but has not yet decided what to do
    about it.
  • Met his end in the once great city of Kiris Dahn

Coren Drukade (deceased)

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