Dirk Diggler (deceased)

Human Rogue


Dirks stats
Hit Points: 22
AC 16
Fortitude 13
Reflex 17
Will 13

Main hand: Short Sword
Off hand: Dagger (main weapon) Vicious dagger (PH 236) wanted

Armor: Leather/ Deathcut Armor (PH 228) wanted
Neck: nothing equipped/ Necklace of Keys (AV2) wanted
Boots: nothing equipped/ Catstep Boots (PH 246) wanted
Arms: nothing equipped/ Iron Armbands of Power (AV) wanted
Head: nothing equipped/ Circlet of Second Chances (AV) wanted
Hands: nothing equipped/ Gauntlets of Blood (AV2) wanted
Waist: nothing equipped/ Belt of Lucky Strikes (Dragon 365) wanted
Misc: Floating Lantern (AV) wanted

  • Dirk is short in stature with a very wiry build (5’5" and 95 lbs.)
    This fearless rogue likes to stand out in combat and does not go to the traditional means of hiding to take advantage of the situation. His brawn is good enough to stand up to any foe. He tries to use his allies positioning to his advantage. He has become good friends with the other rogue thanks to Robyn always trying to set things up for Dirks advantage. Dirk prefers to use his dagger for attacking but also wields a short sword in his main hand. At times a torch is necessary to use instead of the sword due to his poor vision. With the right nutrients he is hoping his vision will get better at night. He has also been trying to beef up a little with push-ups and sit-ups in his down time hoping to put on a few extra pounds. Whether its to put on the extra weight to intimidate or so his party doesn’t make fun of him, who knows. The rogue wears leather armor but feels he is such an easy target he does not know if anything could fix the problem. Dirk knows any enemy who focuses on him most likely will land their attacks, the key for him is to deal more damage to his foe by finding key areas to strike at with his deadly dagger. He hopes to one day find a vicious dagger to make his attacks even more deadly.

Dirk Diggler (deceased)

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