Female dwarf who asked companions to retrieve her cousin Flinka's missing sending stone from Stonefang Pass.


Hadarra’s cousin Flinka was killed by orcs as she was being pulled away by the Shadowed Chain guards who initially escorted the dwarves through Stonefang Pass. She refers to these guards as a “weird cult”, and blames them for the death of her cousin as well as the other dwarves who perished in the pass. She warned the companions to be wary of any Shadowed Chain dwarves they might meet (if any survived), before asking them to retrieve the other sending stone. She borrows her Sending Stone to the companions before they departed.

The companions returned to Timbervale as heroes, and returned the missing sending stone to Hadarra, along with their condolences for the loss of her cousin Flinka.

After the liberation of Timbervale Hadarra gave the heroes her sending stones in the hopes that they might help defeat the Queen’s armies in the south, and help protect the Timbervale region.


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