Kiris Hoyt (deceased)

A desheveled man wearing worn leather armor, and relative of the ruling Kiris family. Is now known to be a wererat.


Was first met by the companions in Kiris Dahn, hiding in the temple of Sehanine. But was soon discovered to be a wererat when he suddenly transformed in front of the companions while being suddenly attacked by a pack of goblins. Hoyt managed to escape that battle with a bit of good fortune, and made away with a goblin dagger known as Triflik’s Blade.

Hoyt has disappeared into the mysterious ruins of Kiris Dahn, and nobody knows if he will be seen or heard from again…

Hoyt was eventually discovered in the Kobold Slums of Kiris Dahn. He met his demise after jumping from the roof of an abondoned building to attack Altain, who was currently engaged in combat with an orc. Soon the wererat was badly injured and took to the roof of the very building had jumped from previously in an attempt to escape. Altain quickly gave chase and spotted Hoyt hiding on another nearby roof. It was there that the wererat was struck with a deadly blow dropping him onto the dark street below, and sending the magical dagger Triflik’s Blade noisily clattering across the cobble stone street. Dirk was now in possession of his highly coveted enchanted blade.

Kiris Hoyt (deceased)

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