Dwarven Warden


Level 12
AC 29
Hp 116
Fortitude 25
Reflex 20
Will 20

+2 War-axe called Skull Cleaver: +17 with attacks
Tower Shield
Blood Hide armor +2
Font of Life ability grants save at start of turn
Nature’s Wrath marks all adjacent enemies

Wish List:
Weapon: Maw of the Guardian Waraxe +3 AV2 Lvl 14 wanted
Armor: Bloodcut Hide Armor +3 PH Lvl 14 wanted
Arms: Iron Armbands of Power (paragon tier) AV Lvl 16 wanted
Neck (most wanted): Cloak of Displacement +4 AV or Clasp of Noble Sacrafice +4 AV lvl 17
Gloves: Gauntlets of Blood (paragon Tier) AV2 Lvl 14 wanted
Wondrous Item: Elven Chain Shirt (Mordenkairen’s Magnificent Emporium)
Boots: Winged Boots PH Lvl 13
Head: Helm of Able Defense Lvl 14 AV2
Waist: Dynamic Belt PH Lvl 19
Ring: Ring of Protection PH Lvl 17


Mongo is believed to not feel pain. The dwarf can take a hit and usually kills his enemies slowly, exchanging blows until one of them falls. He prefers to be in the center of the battlefield with his axe and shield trying to find out just how much pain he can endure. Mongo is a tall dwarf with a solid gut. He doesn’t care on his appearance and doesn’t speak much with others. Unlike most dwarves, he feels more in touch with nature than the mountains. He has spent most of his life living in mountains but wants more. A decade has past since the dwarf left his home on a quest to find his calling with nature.


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