Black-bearded dwarf who wears a simple silver crown and is a prince of clan Glintshield.


__* Son of Thorvil, son of Thane Harvak of Clan Glintshield.

  • Arrived in Hommlet with a group of dwarves who had fled Stonefang Pass in the northern Ironwall Mountains.
  • Told a story of leading dwarves to safety when suddenly attacked by Severed Eye Orcs in Stonefang Pass.
  • Dwarves had begun to rebuild citadel on far side of Pass, and were attempting to reopen pass for trade when they were suddenly attacked.
  • sealed pass with massive stone slab in order to stop orcs from persuing them.
  • Meets heroes back in Timbervale to recognize their accomplishment in defeating the Severed Eye Orcs in Stonefang’s Pass, and rewards the group with a chest full of gold!
  • receives enchanted war axe from Mongo after defeating Sleet.


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