Robyn Graives

Half-Orc Rogue/Assasin. Lights shadow of death.


Level 17

  • now carries the enchanted dagger known as Triflik’s Blade (+5)
  • Blending Armor (+2 AC)
  • Hat of disguise
  • Enchanted brooch (increases bluff checks)
  • Dark, bitter, and a poor attitude would best describe Robyn’s personality.
  • Wants to get rich by any means that does not directly hurt individuals that ‘do not deserve’ it.
    “I’m no circus performer! I was the one climbing the poles, tying the knots, swinging from the ropes, hauling the bails of hay. With out me there would have been no circus.”

“Do unto other before they do unto you! You would do well to remember that Fin.”

The rogue rarely faced an enemy face to face, yet seemed to show a knack for finishing off an enemy on more than one occasion.

Wish List…
Head - Circlet of Authority p.248 phb lvl +
Arms - Bracers of the Perfect Shot p. 244 phb lvl +
Feet - Boots of Spider Climbing p. 246 phb lvl +
Neck - Elven Cloak p 250 phb lvl +
Hands — Cat Paws Adv. Vlt. p. 132 lvl +
Waist — Belt of Sacrifice p. 252 phb lvl 13
Armor — Sylvan lthr armour p 231 +3


Found a temple dedicated to Sehanine in a goblin infested ghost town on the other side of New Haven’s nearby forest. Brought back memories of Robyn’s mother who taught him some of the dieties ideas, and faith. Robyn found a quiet moment away from his companions to say a quick prayer to Sehanine and his mother, and again vowed to find his orcish father and serve up some justice.

While waiting for companions to return, Robyn fills a waterskin with some of the water from ’Sehanine’s pool’ that was found in the temple.

North Cliff Orcs…. Father???

Has begun to approach Fin, during quiet times of the campaign, to discuss religion. (Robyn grew up with a mother that often spoke of Sehanine and her powers. (Some of Fins recent actions remind Robyn of his mothers stories)

Lately has had dreams that he has deciphered as meaning he would soon find his sperm donor and that he would finely be able to confront him face to face.

Learning to love life at sea. Climbing riggings, crows nest. All the same types of chores as the circus with more freedom!

Recently completing his goal of destroying the assassin that had been following Robyn for the last handful of months, his suspicions were confirmed as Robyn learned the assassin was his father (Ulok “the Sly”). Robyn always believed that destroying his father would make him feel whole. Unfortunately the killing of his father left the opposite effect on him, feeling empty inside. How can putting out a small flame in the infernal blaze that the world had become make him feel any better. Robyn has never seen himself as one who pitied others but witnessing many atrocities over the last couple of years has left him with the desire to protect those who can not protect themselves.

Robyn Graives

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