Todariche Nem

Sage and most learned scholar of Hommlet.


Expert in most common topics: History, nature, geography, and arcana. He has an extensive library of books and scrolls in his house located in the town of Hommlet.

Late one night he secretly tells the heroes that apparently an ancient prophecy has begun. His research was unfortunately unable to uncover the prophecy in its entirety, but he has discovered that the beginning of the prophecy starts with this ominous phrase: “The Chosen One will rise again after darkness falls”.

He tells the group about the “Three Sisters of the Feywood Forest”, and their knowledge of all such mysterious things. These Oracles may have the answers to what the prophecy is, or at least where to find such answers. But he warns the companions that these answers will most likely come with a price, or more!

Todariche Nem

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