Tag: Hommlet


  • Toridan

    Wears full plate armor and carries a finely crafted greataxe with a light crossbow slung over his shoulder.

  • Todariche Nem

    Expert in most common topics: History, nature, geography, and arcana. He has an extensive library of books and scrolls in his house located in the town of [[Hommlet | Hommlet]]. Late one night he secretly tells the heroes that apparently an ancient …

  • Vesta Gundigoot

    Friendly and warm, Vesta makes the Welcome Wench Inn a welcoming and homey place for all. She continues to maintain her fathers high standards of service, just like when he originally opened the Inn.

  • Rufus

    Well respected retired adventurer who has now settled down in [[Hommlet | Hommlet]] for past 15 years. Rufus is forthright, and at times a little crass. He runs the town of Hommlet with his good friend [[:burne-1 | Burne]].

  • Lieutenant Ballister

    * Little was known of this man, except that his forces occupied the village of Hommlet. * Was killed in battle by the heroes outside the manor walls. * Was accompanied by an evil angel who wielded two large blades, and possessed the ability to cloak …