Library Research for The East Wind Temple

While copying collected books from citizens and businesses of Timbervale the following information was found to be noteworthy according to Altain:

Turathi – Arkhosian Wars was one title discovered, and was written in the unusual Iokharic script of the Draconic language. Luckily Altain had studied this language at length and was able to decipher its ancient script. The old text appeared to be full of journal entries written by an unknown individual. Here are some of the more interesting points within:

  • The writer speaks of a war in the south against a Turathi Empire…
  • The writer includes personal points of view such as the fact that they hate the human Empire of Bael Turath…
  • The Dragonborn armies of Arkhosia marched on Vor Rukoth, one of the great cities of the Turathi Empire.
  • Vor Rukoth was in dire straits and desperate, the city was going to fall very soon…
  • last journal entry reads: Today Vor Rukoth will fall. Tonight I will write of our victory! The remaining pages of the journal are blank.

Accounts & Receipts from various businesses in Timbervale were also discovered and recorded. But several entries caught Altain’s interest:

  • This particular records book dated back 15-20 years.
  • contained trade accounts & various merchant records for tax purposes.
  • one named Arthuuse Moonfire was one of many merchants named in the records book.
  • The final transaction including Arthuuse Moonfire was with the “White Lantern Company”, and was signed by Arthuuse and an individual named Vinn.

Library Research for The East Wind Temple

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