Once was a large town and major trading hub for goods passing through the Ironwall Mountains. Now Timbervale has become little more than a small frontier village since the Glintshield clan’s fall over a century ago. This once popular trade route has been all but forgotten now. Currently a small community of loggers and farmers eke out an existence in the ruin-choked forest along the banks of the Stonefang River near the pass.

Timbervale’s population is 750, with most people living along the old main street that bisects the village. The citizens keep it clear of encroaching forest and in good repair by cannibalizing building materials from nearby ruins. A few locals have also made homes in various partially collapsed towers, or on more distant farms.

Government: Lord and Lady Sevrym (heirs)
Defense: Malitia, & during great threats people retreat into three walled off blocks known as the Sevrym estates.
Inns: The Platinum Dragon (once known as The Knothole)
Taverns: The Platinum Dragon (once known as The Knothole), Aleg’s Ale
Supplies: Tack and Tackle
Temples: Erathis’ Temple kept in good repair by Sevryms, moss covered ruins of temple of Moradin and Kord hidden within nearby woods.

Timbervale falls under the Queen’ armies control before being liberated by the heroes, and a dwarven invasion force of 100 soldiers.


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