Sarsis Moons

The World of Sarsis

It’s now 325 AD (after darkness). It’s been 325 years since “The Darkness,” as it is called by the locals, has spread across the land. These Dark Ages were the result of powerful magic gone awry, and what most now call the “dark arts” (magic) are now feared, and their practice punishable by death.

The gods of old have now been silent longer than any of the long-lived races of Sarsis can remember, leading most to dispute whether the gods had ever actually existed. Amongst many, the mere mention of religion is ridiculed openly. Those who still choose to cling to these ancient beliefs are rare indeed and have few followers.

Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, half-orcs, and goliaths now gather in a place of light amongst the vast darkness, a city appropriately named New Haven. Farming is a matter of survival in this isolated world for there is no trade to speak of. But on occasion, if you listen closely in the fire lit taverns of the night, you might hear rumors of merchants on their way to open new markets on the outside in a desperate attempt to acquire extra copper, silver, or maybe even a few gold pieces with a bit of luck. The reality however is grim – for none are known to return.

The city of New Haven is a point of light in a world caught in the grips of these dark times. It’s a self sufficient civilization surrounded by fog-ridden swamps, dark forests, and a large range of mountains known by the locals simply as “The Wall.” It is from these mysterious surroundings that many a child’s tale has come into being. Stories of mysterious lights appearing out of the darkness of the fog-infested swamplands, not to mention the strange lizard people that stalk those murky waters. The dark forest and its vine-covered ruins, and the unknown fey creatures which inhabit them. Or the immense mountain trolls said to easily carry away a farmer’s livestock under their powerful arms. The stories of these legendary lands swallowing up weary travelers who venture too far within their dark depths are all too common.

These Dark Ages have brought with them a fear of the unknown. Legends and lore have grown over the past 300 years as the ancient history of Sarsis slowly faded from memory. Fear of the outside grips the local population, but some know there must surely be others like them somewhere out there…

Distant mts.

Legends and Lore

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