Legends and Lore

A Sea of Sand (Episode 75)

Altain’s Journal…

Entry 1:
We’ve now wandered deep into the merciless desert and the stifling heat is almost too much to bare. We now travel in four hour clips during only dawn and dusk in hopes of avoiding the intense heat of the day, and the unknown dangers sure to lurk in the deep night.

Entry 2:
Came under attack shortly after dawn. A strange desert creature, crab-like in nature with a hard armor-like shell. Suddenly erupted from the desert sands amongst our party but we quickly collected ourselves. Paralyzing tentacles proved problematic but we were able to neutralize this danger with our superior numbers. Thankful there was only one of it and four of us.

Entry 3:
During the night we were attacked yet again! This time three oversized scorpions, one of which was as large as a horse!! Thankfully I was able to awaken the group before the poisonous critters could take the camp by surprise.

Entry 4:
We continue southeast in the hopes of discovering the lair of a blue dragon named in the prophecy. If all else fails perhaps we will discover a large volcano. It is there that we believe a red dragon may lair nearby. Unfortunately it all seems to be a long shot at the moment. It often seems hopeless, and some feel we have no true direction, but Fin believes we are guided by a higher power.

Entry 5:
Unforeseen tragedy! We thought we were becoming accustomed to the ambush attacks from the various strange inhabitants of these eastern desert lands, but nothing could prepare us for this. A sudden attack erupting from beneath the wind blown sands. A massive brown dragon blasting our group with the stinging grains of sand that surrounded us as it worked itself up into a furious frenzy. The immediate danger was obvious, but the divine healing of Bahamut, and Fin serving as his vessel, all this added a level of comfort that we would surely prevail once again – after after all we always do. Then the terrifying realization that this is no ordinary beast, but one of great intelligence. It recognized Fin’s ability to heal others, and quickly adjusted its target accordingly. Soon Fin found himself under full assault, as the draconic beast unleashed a swirling blast of sand from its immense maw upon the group before raking the paladin with a series of claw attacks that began tearing his armor asunder. We tried to do all we could to remove focus from our badly injured comrade but to no avail. The beast seemed possessed of a single minded focus unlike any I have witnessed before. Finally Fin collapsed, but the assault continued still! The world hath no fury like a dragon unleashed! In desperate attempt to help we released a frenzy of our own upon the brown dragon, and our attacks began to take their toll as well. But still the beast flailed about with all its rage and might, and soon Robyn fell to the desert sands as well. It was shortly after that we finally managed to fell the ancient draconic beast, but the news that followed stole nearly all our hope. Robyn would most likely recover, but Fin had apparently passed, his wounds too grievous to overcome…

Entry 6:
After settling down for a much needed rest the reality of it all has begun to sink in. It was during this time of reflection that Fin’s body suddenly began to glow with a blindingly intense light. Then as quickly as it began the light began to fade – Fin’s body had vanished!!! Thankfully we had removed his gear shortly after his passing, but upon packing up to move out we discovered his armor and sword had vanished as well!

Entry 7:
Where to go from here we do not know? We have lost not only a dear friend in Fin, but the Chosen One of Bahamut. All now feels hopeless. Should we turn back to the west where the heartlands seem to have successfully pushed back the darkness? Perhaps we should continue east in the hopes of extinguishing any chance that the darkness might spread over this world once again? I now stare over a smoldering campfire while Robyn and Mongo rest peacefully in the cold desert night, but I can’t help but wonder what difference the mere three of us could possibly make? Was our greatest weakness our overconfidence? I am now filled with questions and doubt. It was a Paladin filled with belief and hope that renewed our faith in the lost gods, and its this legacy that we all must protect by spreading his undying hope. RIP Fin LaVie…



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