Legends and Lore

Abduction! (Episode 72)

Altain’s journal…

Entry 1:
We now make are way south in an attempt to escape the frozen mountains and tundra of the north. We are loaded down with riches beyond our wildest imagination. This added weight is undoubtedly slowing our progress. The descent from the wall will surely be a joyous occasion indeed.

Entry 2:
We have now trekked several days and descended the second mountain. We are now ascending the final slopes of the last mountain. It is there that the final frozen tundra will be found, and our descent just beyond. Snow fog is beginning to set in significantly reducing our visibility to less than 50 feet.

Entry 3:
As we crossed the final frozen wasteland late today a near disaster reared its ugly head. It was during a heavy snowfall which was hampering our visibility. Then we suddenly spotted several individuals approaching us from the east. But it was their lumbering gait that touched us off to their true nature, chillborn! Next thing we knew we were suddenly surrounded in nearly every direction. Quickly we made haste to press southward hoping to find some kind of a seam in their immense numbers. Unfortunately not all of us could keep pace however in the deepening snow, and soon several found themselves trapped, including myself. A fierce battle ensued for our very survival, and the dwarf Mongo soon found himself beseiged by over a half dozen of the white-fleshed undead! Things were beginning to look bleak, and I was left to wonder whether this might be the end for some. After the defeat of the mighty dragon of the north, Sleet, one couldn’t help but wonder how tragic a loss at this point might be with our descent from the mountains so near. Then as quickly as Mongo found himself under duress he suddenly managed to free himself before scrambling toward Robyn who was now pointing us southerly toward hopeful freedom. Fin, apparently finding our situation to be dire indeed, had already begun praying in the hopes that Bahamut might guide the way. Whether coincidence, or not, somehow we made our way through the masses a short time later and finally reached the wall. Without pause we began our desperate descent.

Entry 4:
It is late afternoon and we have come across what appears to be mountain troll tracks. The three large toes attached to the massive depression are a sure give away. The tracks are headed westward, meaning the coast should be clear if we continue south.

Entry 5:
Finally we have exited the wall and made it into the foothills. It is here that we met a scouting group of four dwarves led by one named Adrik. They seemed to know of us even though we knew not of them. They kindly led us to Timbervale over the next several days.

Entry 6:
Once in Timbervale Fin immediately sought out a blacksmith to engrave his newfound plate armor with symbols of Bahamut. We also set up a meeting with town leaders for the following day in order to inform them of our progress, and any current threats.

Entry 7:
As dusk began to fall we finally returned to the Temple of the East Wind, but what should have been a joyous homecoming was quickly darkened by news of a disappearance! Sir Oakley had been abducted a ten day ago. Signs of a possible struggle, along with the ransacking of the Chosen One’s office the only tell tale signs of the event. Thankfully Fin discovered footprints nearly 200 yards from the premisis to the east. It appeared that Sir Oakley had been taken by two large individuals, and was flanked on both sides. But beyond that the trail had grown cold over the last ten days.

Entry 8:
The next day we made our rounds in the city of Timbervale, hoping to flush out some clues to who might have abducted the paladin. After nearly three hours we finally found a man who admitted speaking to a darkly cloaked man standing nearly seven feet tall. Fin immediately asked whether the man spoke with any sort of noticeable accent, and this was quickly confirmed. Apparently the cloaked man spoke with a strange lisp, often accentuating his "s"es. Fin seemed confident these were in fact no men, but draconians! The men had claimed to be interested in The East Wind Temple, and of the spreading rumors that true healing had returned to the world. It was assumed that they intended to join the movement, but this now appeared to be just a cover for their true intentions.

Entry 9:
Fin now ponders the possibility of whether or not the kidnappers really have any use for Sir Oakley? There is the real possibility that this in fact might be bait to lure us into a trap. Unfortunately Fin admits there is no way to be certain either way.

Entry 10:
That night we return to the temple to speak with the sage Todariche Nem. It is during this restless night that we show him our newly discovered wealth, and the strange platinum coins we now carry with us. He shows a noticeable shock upon first glance. The coins are confirmed to be of ancient make from a fallen empire of long ago. He then confirms our suspicions that each coin is equal in value to ten gold pieces! We must now rest as our meeting with city officials will take place first thing tomorrow. Then we must quickly give chase to the east in the hopes of saving our missing friend Sir Oakley.

Entry 11:
As I meditate during the night, and stand guard per the usual I can’t help but notice Fin’s inability to rest. He continued to pace throughout the night until he decided to cut off a piece of the bronze dragon scale we collected in the ancient ruins of Kiris Dahn. But the scale was stronger than expected, and eventually required the use of my enchanted blade. Then Fin attempted to crush the piece of bronze dragon scale, but this too proved nearly impossible. It wasn’t until he found Sir Oakley’s enchanted mace that this was finally achieved. I am not quite sure what Fin LaVie has in mind, but it seems to have something to do with the newly discovered vial and the bone-tooth whistle?

Entry 12:
Fin has slept little, if any, leading up to this morning. He now sits with Todariche Nem discussing the possible location of any volcanoes to the east. It is then that the elderly sage asked to see our map. Then he began to scan the parchment while engaging in a legend about an ancient city to the southeast. Apparently many centuries ago this city avoided a near apacolyptic end when the extinct volcano in which it resided suddenly began to erupt! The city was thrown into ruins, but a complete eruption was avoided sparing some of the more fortunate citizens. Unfortunately much of the history has been lost in these dark times, but Todariche believes the ancient city to be known by historians as Cauldron. It was with that simple word that he unerringly pointed directly to a southeastern volcano on the map with a small lake sitting at its center! We now prepare for our trek eastward…



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