Legends and Lore

Assassins! (Episode 73)

Fin’s journal…

Entry 1:
It is now morning, and I for one am glad it is here. Last night was once again filled with the unexpected as an attempt on my life was made just before sunrise. A strange man with yellowish flesh, and what I assume to be his Imp ally, nearly assassinated me. The imp must have been invisible to have managed to sneak upon me without notice. Thankfully the blade which slashed my throat did not impede my ability to draw breath however, and once again Bahamut’s good graces saved my life. Altain seems to believe the man to be of a race known as Githyanki? Apparently they usually dwell in the Astral Sea and are not native to this plane of existence? But what he is doing here I have little idea. Altain believes the Githyanki to affiliate with Red Dragon’s however, so perhaps this has something to do with the attempt on my life? Luckily we are all still alive. We know little at this time of any Red Dragon’s in the realm however so there is still much to discover.

Entry 2:
Today we met with officials of Timbervale, and several of the dwarves from Hammerfast. We explained our recent discoveries in the northlands, and what might be expected in the future. They then filled us in on recent activities in the local area, but there was little to report until a ten day ago when Sir Oakley was found to be missing.

Entry 3:
We are now preparing to head into Timbervale before heading east. But before we depart I negotiated the addition of a secret vault to be built at the lower level of the East Wind Temple by dwarven stoneworkers from Hammerfast. After the completion of this project Altain has also put forth payment to the dwarves for the completion of roads connecting the East Wind to both Timbervale and Hammerfast. In the meantime we have entrusted Todariche Nem to watch over our wealth until the completion of the secret vault.

Entry 4:
Liquidated some platinum coins for gold coins before leaving the East Wind as Platinum seems too valuable a currency for the people of this region to exchange. Thankfully the dwarves can handle its value and are willing to exchange for gold coins at fair market value. We are now in Timbervale where I am waiting to acquire my newly engraved plate armor from the local blacksmith. His workmanship is impressive! Bahamut would be proud.

Entry 5:
With each spare moment of the day I find myself fascinated by the bone-tooth whistle recovered from the white dragon Sleet’s lair. I think I understand its workings but can not be certain whether my thoughts are indeed accurate. May Bahamut guide me with the wisdom required to make use of such a mystical item such as this.

Entry 6:
Before leaving Timbervale we were advised to take on sufficient supplies as we approach the far eastern deserts. Hunting food, and finding fresh water is of great concern in this Sea of Sand, and we have been told that many have been known to parish due to a lack of supplies. It is under this influence, and these words of wisdom, that we have decided to resupply in New Haven. We dare not risk beyond New Haven whether or not there will be any other civilizations that might provide such needs…



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