Legends and Lore

Beware: Giants! (Episode 67)

Fin’s journal…

Entry 1:
Wow! We were suddenly taken by surprise while treking across the frozen tundra by a group of giant scouts. Thankfully Altain caught a glimpse of them at the final second and shouted the alarm. These blue-skinned giants rode the backs a large wooly mammoths the likes of which I have never seen over my countless years. We were fortunate this time, but these blue-skinned giants are not to be taken lightly.

Entry 2:
Another cold night ahead as darkness begins to fall. The frigid temperatures of the nights would be deadly if not for our numerous animal hides to hold in the warmth. We have also cut up the animal furs the giants wore to create several larger blankets for ourselves. There is no wood to be found in these upper elevations making it impossible to start a fire. The furs are all we have to keep us alive!

Entry 3:
On this night I stayed up during the early watch to assist Altain while he was in a state of mental trance before getting some shut eye during the late hours of the night. The next thing I remember is being enveloped in fire! Something had discovered our presence upon this frozen wasteland, and none of us were sure of what had suddenly happened. The smell of burnt hair, and flesh, filled our senses as we scattered in all directions in an attempt to gather ourselves. After the early moments of surprised confusion we soon discovered the identity of our attacker, a snow-white griffon of some strange sort! But this snow griffon was apparently capable of spewing forth a blast of fiery breath!! We quickly began to counter attack soon after, and our numbers soon proved too great for rimefire griffon (if I remember the beasts name correctly from my countless studies?). The beast was unable to escape.

Entry 4:
Altain proved to be the only companion that was able to avoid any burns from the griffons fiery breath. Guess he was the lucky one to be on watch. If only he could have provided some kind of warning.

Entry 5:
It’s been several days now and we have finally come to the end of the frozen tundra, and it appears that we are headed into the rocky cliffs of another mountain. We are now far removed from any sort of civilization.

Entry 6:
It is nearing nightfall and we have spotted nearly a half dozen crude homes in the distance. Tree trunks create the shelters skeletal design with animal hides stretched across the gaps. They are built onto a small plateau on the side of the mountain. As we study this surprising discovery from afar we suddenly notice a large figure looming behind a rocky outcropping in the distance. It is obvious that the large man is watching us closely, just as we are him. His skin appears grayish against the white snow with strange markings, or tattoo’s, upon his exposed arms and bald head. He looks big. Probably somewhere between seven to eight feet tall! We are now discussing whether to approach as we are unsure if these strange people might be friendly?…



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