Legends and Lore

Frozen Tundra (Episode 66)

Mongo’s journal…

Entry 1:
There were simply too many. We were forced to run for our lives for what seemed like hours. Northward, higher into the mountains, the only route which had not been cut off by the frozen dead, or should I say frozen undead? They suddenly appeared from beneath the snow one after another until their numbers seemed too great to overcome! Sure we slaughtered many as I expected, but out of the fog countless others continued to appear as though drawn to us? Their bluish-white flesh frozen upon their lifeless bones, and a death-like cold emenating from their very presence. I don’t know what these frozen undead were, but the very thought of them chills me to the very bone. We are fortunate to be alive…

Entry 2:
Discovered a large steaming pile-o-dung near the top of the mountain. Looks a bit larger than that of a horse or cow so whatever left it must be quite large. Fin seems to think it may be the sign of a dragon, I call it wishful thinking. Robyn seems to think we are looking for the impossible, but Fin simply reminds him that we need to start somewhere.

Entry 3:
Fin spotted a half dozen wolves over the horizon so we quickly gave chase. They were hungry, but we were cold. We won, and now wear their coats in the hopes of staving off the cold.

Entry 4:
During the first nights in the mountains we often heard the howling of wolves, but those sounds have now been replaced by calls of what I believe to be a mountain goat, and perhaps a mountain lion? Fin once again believes the roar to be that of a dragon, and the mountain goat its soon to be a meal, perhaps?

Entry 5:
We were attacked by strange creatures today. Bipedal beasts covered in whitish-gray fur, and blood red eyes. Tried to ambush us but we killed several before the rest fled. Probably mistakened us for their next meal. Wolves made that mistake a few days ago – bad idea! Bwhahahahaha

Entry 6:
We finall reached the top of the Wall today, and a vast frozen tundra now spans before us. Jagged mountain peaks tower in the distant north, but it is nice to be on flat ground for now. Discovered what looked to be a frozen pond a few mile further north, but it wasn’t. Altain decided to check the ice’s strength and the creaking sounds of distress soon followed. Then a giant worm suddenly exploded from below shattering the ice! It was huge, with a frill running down its back that pulsated a burning red, its segmented body supported by dozens of small legs. The heat emanating from the huge white worm was intense, and its bite nearly proved deadly as the creature swallowed me whole moments later! If you could’ve only seen my companions faces when I cut the beast down from the inside before being purged from the beasts belly. Just figured I could kill it faster from the inside!

Entry 7:
Spotted tracks in the snow the very next day again. Strange round tracks perhaps 3 or 4 feet wide. Followed them through the day, and picked up the trail again after a good nights sleep. Fin believes they may be wooly mammoth tracks. Never seen one of them before, must be big suckers!

Entry 8:
Fin has spotted a mommoth in the distance, but snow is getting heavy and visibility is down to fifty yards at best. We will move in to get a better…



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