Legends and Lore

The Far East (Episode 74)

Mongo’s journal…

Entry 1:
Our travels to the east have proven relatively uneventful. After resupplying in New Haven we once again ventured into the surrounding swamps. Often we noted we were being watched but the inhabitants seemed to recognize our strength as none dared attempt to attack. I look forward to once again setting foot on dry land.

Entry 2:
We have spent numerous days following the rolling grasslands eastward. Once again our trip has proven peaceful, but in the back of all our minds we know it can not remain so.

Entry 3:
We can see mountainous lands to the east and it is also in that direction that we also begin to see an immense sea of sand. I can feel the temperatures climbing already, or perhaps it is merely my mind anticipating what I know will be?

Entry 4:
We have barely set foot into this vast eastern desert when we discovered an encampment of little people known as halflings. They are small in stature and many of them walk upon the hot desert sands without any shoes! This group appears to be a nomadic tribe of merchants, living in nothing but a series of tents and selling survival goods as well as camels. A worthwhile business venture I am sure, as it is surely without doubt the last opportunity to resupply for any travelers before entering these harsh and deadly conditions.

Entry 5:
We have purchased several camels from the small peoples of this harsh land. I have little doubt that they will prove to be a wise purchase in the coming days.

Entry 6:
The next day we spotted a caravan in the distant sands. At first glance we were unsure what to make of it, but soon discovered it appeared to be carrying captives in caged wagons. The wagons draft animals were also of note as each appeared to be some sort of tri-horned behemoth. These creatures were massive, standing bipedal but still reaching what appeared to be nearly eight feet tall. After a short debate we decided to investigate further, and the situation deteriorated quickly from there. Once again we managed to prevail but over what we could not be sure. It appears to be some sort of slave caravan…



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