Legends and Lore

The Lost Library (Episode 37)

Finally after some quick preparation the companions began to climb down into the rowboats, and began making their way towards the sunken ruins of Vor Rukoth. But as they neared the city an immense commotion began to emanate from the location of the Raven Queen. The ship had come under attack from the long and powerful tentacles of what many in the crew had believed to be the legendary sea creature known as the kraken. Desperate cries could be heard through the still night air, as the crew of the Raven Queen scrambled to fight off the powerful tentacles now threatening to pull the ship to the depths of the Midnight Sea. Then finally after a short struggle the beast unexpectedly released its deadly grip upon the vessel and vanished below the dark surface of the sea.

Relieved that the vessel seemed safe for the time being, the heroes continued to row towards the ruins, when they too suddenly came under the same attack! Thankfully however quick action seemed to spare the group as they lashed out with their blades, slashing the beast’s tentacled arms many times over, and sending the creature into retreat. Once again the dark waters of the Midnight Sea fell still, and the night air became eerily quiet.

Once the rowboats reached the flooded ruins the distinct sounds of croaking could be heard emanating in the distance, and more than one hero recalled children stories of a frog-like people called bullywugs. None could be certain if these sounds had any connection to such stories, but none would be surprised if they were in fact true, after all having witnessed what they had already over the past year nothing seemed impossible. The two small rowboats continued into the ruin’s flooded streets in the hopes of spotting a larger building that resembled a library when they heard several splashes in the distance. It wasn’t long before the frogmen known as bullywugs appeared not only from the dark waters, but over the rooftops of several of the surrounding buildings. A number of the heroes jumped to the nearby rooftops, while others chose to remain in the boats. It was during this conflict with the bullywugs that a women’s voice was suddenly heard singing in the distance. The melody proved enchanting as more that one individual found themselves drawn towards its hidden origin. Others meanwhile continued to struggle against the assault of the numerous frogmen now surrounding the group. Finally Robyn, now straying from the immediate conflict, discovered the origin of the beautiful song – a bird-like woman with clawed feet and wings, a harpy! Thankfully, as Robyn neared, he finally managed to break from the trans-like state of the enchanting song, and began to defend himself from the sudden attack of the bird woman. Meanwhile the other companions had begun to get the upper hand against their bullywug attackers. While several others began assaulting the harpy, until it finally fell lifeless upon a nearby rooftop.

Blood now ran freely from several of the rooftops, as well as in the waters of the flooded ruins, and once again an eerie silence began to descend upon the area. Then several rays of light suddenly shot from a nearby flooded street corner. Something was apparently still amiss. Then one of the companions pointed out what appeared to be a large ball of shadow that seemed to be writhing with snakes! Some amongst the group moved in closer to investigate, hoping to get a better look at the mysterious sight. Some feared that the creature was perhaps a gorgon, otherwise known as a medusa, with the ability to turn a man to stone with just one look. But what they found was shocking, a large eyeball of shadow with many smaller eyestalks at its top, all wreathed in shadow and darkness! The sight of the strange creature was nothing short of bone chilling, and none knew for certain what it was that they had just laid eyes upon? But with little time to reflect upon the sudden turn of events many of the companions move in to battle the enemy of shadow. Eyes rays of paralyzing effect, as well as those that blinded, quickly began to scour the battlefield as the companions attempted to close on their newfound enemy. But the strange eyeball seemed impossible to outmaneuver. Then the creature sank back into the shadows and mysteriously disappeared from sight! The heroes quickly began to scour the area, but to no avail, the enemy of shadow was nowhere to be found. But each of the companions couldn’t help but wonder if they weren’t being watched from afar? Suddenly each dark corner, and alleyway, within the sunken ruins seemed ominous, and danger seemed to lurk all about.

It was under these tense circumstances that the heroes continued their search for the “Lost Scrolls”, and their ancient knowledge of a mysterious prophecy. The task at hand seemed nearly impossible, but after an extensive search the flooded library was finally discovered. The library was in a smaller building than expected but a quick swim beneath the waters confirmed its past use, its interior walls were still lined with shelves. From there the group planned to make several dives inside hoping to discover a stairway deep below. Bahamut proved to be with them on this day, as the divers soon discovered a lower level, and a stash of scroll cases too numerous to count. A careful search eventually revealed two scroll cases that still remained tightly sealed, and seemed of greater value than many of the others. These two were soon returned to the surface along with several other scrolls of interest. In the two most significant scroll cases, upon sheets of brittle and ancient parchment, an ancient prophecy was discovered as well as an ancient Ritual of Quenching. Each read as follows:

The Prophecy:
Nightmares of death rise on black wing
as blue Skies darken over sands covering,
Winter white Sleet falls upon a northern Wall
as Emerald forests of dead rise to the call,
Fiery red Flame pours from deaths wing
the Queen rises again as darkness comes calling.

Ritual of Quenching:
-Five elder chromatic dragons have awakened, but must now be destroyed.
-Weapons of the victor must then be quenched within the origin of the savage beasts killing breath.
-Only this will allow one to harm the Dark Queen and banish evil from the land.

Although cryptic in parts Fin LaVie and Altain Moonfire painstakingly poured of each and every word, and slowly they began to decipher what they believed to be the ancient prophecy. They knew Nightmare to be the name of the black dragon that guarded the Queen’s Stone, so began to comb the scroll for other obvious names that were capitalized, and settled on the following: Nightmare, Skie, Sleet, Emerald, and Flame. Each name correlated with a chromatic dragon of a particular hugh, and each was to rise from a deep slumber as an unexplainable darkness began to spread. Then finally culminating with the return of the Queen of Darkness!

In the second scroll of ancient parchment a mysterious ritual was contained, apparently explaining how to banish the Dark Queen. The other scrolls recovered contained various pieces of history from the region, and some specifically on the ancient city of Vor Rukoth, but nothing relating to mysterious prophecy.

It was then time to settle in and rest for the remainder of the evening, so the group returned to the first building they had searched earlier that evening, and began tearing off a small section of the roof. There they took up residence under the remaining cover of the roof, and settled into their rowboats for an uncomfortable, yet much needed rest. An uneasy silence once again fell across the flooded ruins of Vor Rukoth…



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