The Slaying Stone

One of nine legendary stones of great power from the town of Kiris Dahn.


Infused with ancient dark magic this stone is rumored to kill a single enemy upon command!


These legendary stones were created by a long lost race known as tieflings using ancient dark magic. They are rumored to have the power to kill a single enemy upon command. Legend says that there were originally eight of these powerfully enchanted stones, but Treona’s research has brought into question this long held belief. She now believes there is a lost ninth slaying stone somewhere amongst the ruins of Kiris Dahn.

Blood-red runes wind around this twisted mass of glossy black rock. When picked up it suddenly causes an individuals hand to quake, as the veins in their hand and arm begin to glow red. The carrier is filled with a minor impulse to kill.

Discovered in the Brass Dragons lair near the steam baths of Kiris Dahn. Negotiations were undertaken to relieve the dragon Tyristys from the responsibility of protecting the ancient stone. Earning the dragon’s respect the companions talked the dragon into relinquishing the slaying stone. This powerfully enchanted stone would eventually be used by the companions, and in particular Altain, to defeat the orc leader named Vohx.

The Slaying Stone

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