Triflik's Blade

This thin, silver-coated dagger is imprinted with the seal of Kiris Dahn forgemasters' guild. It's hilt is designed with two serpents intertwined and posed to strike.

weapon (melee)

Price: ???
Weapon: Dagger
Enhancement: +2 attack rolls and damage rolls (power is growing in Robyn’s possession!)
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
Property: This weapon is silvered. ( Episode 5: The Guardian)

Power (Daily): Standard Action. Trigger: Make an attack with this weapon. Effect: The attack targets your choice of Fortitude or Reflex instead of the defense it normally targets. If you miss with the attack, this power recharges and the daily magic item use you spent to activate this power is not expended.


This item was discovered in the ruins of Kiris Dahn by a goblin named Triflik. The goblin had seen a wererat (Kiris Hoyt) near the temple district and had been searching for a silvered weapon. Unfortunately for Triflik however, when he returned to kill the wererat in Sehanine’s temple, he found five others visiting with Hoyt in his human form. This battle would soon mark the end for Triflik and his goblin companions, as each fell in the ensuing struggle. But in a strange twist of fate the wererat Hoyt ended up with the weapon known as Triflik’s Blade, and then managed to escape into the ruins of Kiris Dahn.

As fate would have it Dirk would eventually come into possession of the enchanted blade when Kiris Hoyt was killed upon the roof top of an abondoned building in the Kobold Slums of Kiris Dahn. But then Dirk too tragically passed away, allowing the enchanted dagger to fall into the hands of the rogue Robyn Graives.

Triflik's Blade

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